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— updated 2021-12-25


About the Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute

RMHI, a private educational and research organization, has offered professional education in Chinese herbal sciences since 1987.

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Contact information

We are located in Hot Springs, Montana, USA.


Faculty and staff

photo: Roger Wicke
Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D., Instructor and Director
photo: Curtis Kruse
Curtis J. Kruse, M.S., Research Associate In memoriam:
C.S. Cheung, M.D.

Our purpose

The Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute comprises a small group of independent teachers, herbalists, and researchers committed to constructive action in solving personal, community, and international health care problems. Since 1987 we have taught courses to health professionals and serious students of human health, published Chinese herbology textbooks and software, offered clinical herbal services to the public, and conducted research projects.

We support access to uncensored health information and information about herbs, guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, and actively promote local and international movements toward health freedom:

  • The freedom of non-licensed practitioners to educate the public and assist individuals in improving health through the use of herbs, diet, and an awareness of environmental health issues.
  • The freedom of physicians to assist their patients in regaining health with safe alternative methods, without fear of harassment by medical societies and state licensing boards.

For more information:
    The freedom to inquire — why is RMHI unique?


Comments from students and health professionals

Roger has created a learning tool that goes far and above anything else I've seen in interactive learning for TCM. Working with the Herbal Tutor and games, the material almost "learns itself" -- that is, I learn it faster and easier than I ever would have thought possible without the effort or tedium of memorizing long lists of material.   — Pauline Vaughan, MA, DAc - Upper Canada Centre for Oriental Medicine (Ontario)
...traditionally, students of Chinese herbalism underwent rigorous memorization of their material in great detail, a rigor not engaged in today in North American training in herbalism. And that rigorous memorization was done in conjunction with case-based hands-on learning. This program replicates that approach and offers a great task-master for ongoing study of the art, for identifying areas where we have become lazy or imprecise. Overall I consider this program and the RMHI course to be the best and most rigorous training in Chinese herbalism available today.   — Paul Bergner, Director of North American Institute of Medical Herbalism; Boulder, Colorado

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photo: advanced herbal seminar

Advanced seminar with C.S. Cheung, M.D.,

and Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.

photo: dispensing an herbal formula
Dispensing an herbal formula
photo.5: 28K
Flowering Balsamorhiza sagittata; Mission Range - near our headquarters in Hot Springs, Montana.
photo: wild yarrow

Yarrow plants

Achillea millefolium

photo: botanical identification field trip
Summer field trip, forest W of Hot Springs


The Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute is held and governed by the Board of Trustees of the Rocky Mountain Herbalists Trust to ensure its continued operation for future generations of herbalists. Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D., is the current director and founder of the Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute.


RMHI website code of ethics

Information sources: RMHI's website provides educational information on the use of herbs to improve health, much of which is based on published sources from Chinese herbalists describing historical uses for many centuries. Some, but not all, of these uses have been corroborated by modern scientific research. We make no claims for the treatment or cure of any medical disease condition. Website users should seek professional advice, if necessary, before applying this information to specific situations.

References: General references to published sources for our information are included at the end of each article; references for specific facts or ideas are footnoted at the end of each article.

Authors: The primary authors of RMHI's website articles are Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D., and C.S. Cheung, M.D. (retired).

Publication/modification dates: The original publication/copyright date of each article appears under the article's table of contents; modification dates for significant updates appear at the top right of each page.

Privacy: We respect the privacy of all users of this website, and do not rent, sell, or trade private information to any third parties.

Funding: RMHI's website is self-supporting through the educational services we provide; we accept no advertising.