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— updated 2020-12-24


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It has long been our policy to participate only in forms of social media that honor freedom of speech and our right to inquire about issues affecting our health, our lives, and our futures. If honesty is not allowed, total silence is preferable to propaganda.

Follow Roger W. Wicke (Director of RMHI) on

If you sign up for a free Gab member account, you can also add your comments to my posts there. In addition to commentary on current events affecting our health and wellbeing, I announce important new articles on RMHI's website.
(Gab is growing in popularity among people who value freedom of speech, like President Trump; you will find posts about vaccination fraud, skeptics of CDC/FDA/BigPharma, and lots of politically incorrect topics that have been banned on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.)


Here is our local blog page, containing important updates to our courses/certification options and new articles on our website:

We have discontinued our email subscription list for RMHI Herbalists' Review. However, important articles on our website continue to be added to the archives directory: