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— updated 2019-04-14


Herbalists' BootCamp
Beginner Tutorial #8:   Completing your requirements for admission and/or Active Member status in RMHInet

by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.
These BootCamp tutorials will help you get started using the HerbalThink-TCM software, ensure it is installed correctly, demonstrate how to use important features and modules, and teach you basic principles of Chinese herbology that you can begin applying practically. Successful completion of this series is required for all applicants to the RMHInet brainstorming network and to our professional courses.

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#1: Introduction, Download #2: Setup and Documentation #3: Self-Study Reference #4: Herbal Tutor #5: Pulse Simulator #6: CaseQuery #7: AutoSage-TCM #8: Completing member/admission requirements

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Tutorial #8:   Completing member/admission requirements

Estimated completion time:   12 hours

Now that you have completed Tutorials #1-7, all you need to do now is to keep playing the Herbal Tutor syndrome identification games until you reach the required scores for Active Member status in the RMHInet brainstorming network or for admission to RMHI certification courses. These score requirements are summarized here:

After you have reached these scores, email your Herbal Tutor progress file as an email attachment to your assigned tutor, just as you did in Tutorial #4. Please be sure to include your full name, especially if you use a pseudonym as an email name.

To help you complete these requirements, carefully follow the instructions in Lesson #A-00 to #A-05 of the TCHS Self-Study Reference.

Important note about this tutorial:   Consistent with our philosophy of "study/work until you get it right", the Herbal Tutor games will allow you to make as many mistakes as you like. As long as you eventually learn the material, the software will automatically detect your improvement, "forget" your old mistakes, and allow your scores to gradually rise.

END of Herbalists' BootCamp