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— updated 2024-03-09


RMHInet — orientation for new members

This webpage is intended as a "General Handbook" for RMHInet members,
with links to other relevant pages on our site.

  Copyright ©2017-2018 by RMH-Publications Trust; all rights reserved. Published by the Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute; c/o PO Box 579; Hot Springs, Montana [59845] USA. Education and software for health professionals:

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Introduction for new members

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A bedrock principle of RMHInet is that the uninhibited, vigorous, respectful, reasoned, thoughtful pursuit of the truth is absolutely essential to understand how we, the human species of earth, have been systematically deceived, poisoned, and mentally and economically enslaved and to discover what we must do to overcome this predicament, specifically with regard to the health and well-being of our ourselves and our planetary environment.

We've created a combination of communication tools that support this goal:

  • herbalthink-users, an email announcement list intended solely for people who have been admitted to Herbalists' BootCamp
  • rmhinetwork, an email announcement/discussion list for members
  • RMHI Forums, our very own private social-media platform reserved for members only
  • Optional: local study groups to be sponsored by authorized Group Leaders

Initially, RMHInet will comprise a small and highly selective group of people. That's just the nature of the "early-adopter" phenomenon. I realize that I am attempting to introduce a radically new system that has the potential to revolutionize traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM education and practice is frequently beset by dogmatism and inertia; its educational methods largely remain at the medieval stage.

The upside for early-adopters is that you can become the pioneers of this field and eventually become the practitioners, teachers, and entrepreneurs who will spread its use to others.


A secure, private email account strongly recommended

We strongly recommend that all RMHI students and RMHInet members first obtain a privacy-protecting, cryptographically secure email account. Here are several providers that offer free email options.


RMHI Forums student discussion board (RMHI Forums) is our very own private bulletin-board/social-media platform, hosted on our own website. All members of the RMHI community are welcome to join. Depending on your group membership settings, members have access to the RMHI Forums listed below. (RMHInet members will have access to all  rmhinet_xx  and  bootcmp_xx  forums.)


(See screenshot here.)


Local study groups

People everywhere are much more likely to freely share ideas and information with others whom they can look in the eye. For that reason, online social media will always be lacking. RMHinet is designed to facilitate formation of local study groups by authorized Group Leaders. What this means is that by qualifying as a Group Leader, you will be able to access various support services from RMHI to help you make your local study groups better and to serve individual clients:

  • Software licenses and technical support
  • Phone/email consultations
  • AutoSage-TCM case-analysis reports for your clients

Enrolled RMHI students and graduates

    The RMHInet: Certification Curriculum section of RMHI Forums (formerly the "Study Toolbox") is accessible only to enrolled RMHI students and graduates. It contains:

  • Supplementary reading, organized by topic
  • Misc. resources, documents, checklists
  • Guidelines for students

    Level-1 participants must submit a total of 12 (monthly) brief reports on topics of personal interest within the domain of environmental health issues, diet and nutrition, and holistic anatomy/physiology. These reports are an important aspect of supplementing your herbal education with knowledge that is crucial for human and planetary health.

    All Level-1 participants should submit their HerbalTutor progress files at the end of each calendar quarter. Please follow the recommended Lesson Plans section within your HerbalThink-TCM software.

See also:
    Getting started; applying for admission; guidelines for Level-1 and 1-H students