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— updated 2019-06-10


RMHInet screenshots

RMHInet: a brainstorming network for traditional Chinese herbology and environmental health

  Copyright ©2016-2019 by RMH-Publications Trust; all rights reserved. Published by the Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute; c/o PO Box 579; Hot Springs, Montana [59845] USA. Education and software for health professionals:

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CaseQuery is a user-friendly interface that helps you to create detailed symptom histories, complete with tongue and pulse descriptions, which can then be submitted to the AutoSage-TCM expert system for evaluation. CaseQuery displays helpful reminders that warn the user of imcomplete or missing data. The meaning of each symptom may also be refined by specifying its magnitude (severity + frequency of occurrence), whether acute/chronic, body location, periodicity if relevant, what aggravates/relieves, and other modifier terms.




AutoSage-TCM. Each analysis report includes a nutshell summary of the most important syndrome-pattern components of the case. In the screenshot below,

  • The most significant patterns detected in this case are highlighted in pale green and preceded by a green checkmark.
  • Syndromes are grouped by category, with the most significant category appearing first. Magnitudes, ranks, and probabilities are listed for each pattern.
  • Detailed explanation of the reasoning behind each conclusion are easily accessible via cross-reference links.



Self-Study Reference

Self-Study Reference includes lesson plans, 6 complete textbooks on theory of traditional Chinese herbology and other health-related subjects, plus extensively cross-referenced databases that link symptoms, syndrome-patterns, herbs, and formulas.

Main table of contents, start page.

The TCHS Database, an extensive compilation of common symptoms, syndromes, herbs, and formulas, with extensive cross-reference links among the data entries.

An example screenshot of a cross-referenced page from an herb to its known pharmacology. Molecular structures are provided for many phytochemical constituents.


TCM Herbal Tutor

TCM Herbal Tutor is interactive game software that provides users with experience in identifying random subsets of symptoms that occur in real life and resolving ambiguities in their possible meaning, thus gradually improving diagnostic skills with regular use.

In the first screenshot below, the user has just selected the correct answer. In the second screenshot, the user selected an incorrect answer, and the interface then displays detailed feedback regarding why the answer is wrong — the red-highlighted symptoms in the top section do not match, although any blue-highlighted symptoms in the bottom section do match the mystery syndrome. The user then has another chance to attempt choosing the correct answer.




TCM Pulse Simulator

TCM Pulse Simulator. The pulse displayed below does not match any of the 28 classical TCM pulse types exactly. In reality, there are over 900 million combinations of pulse parameters that experienced, methodical practitioners can distinguish! The only way to accurately describe such pulses is to systematically record the value of each of the 12 pulse parameters, as shown in the pulse simulation below.




RMHInet is comprised of both a private, old-fashioned email announcement list and a private online bulletin board exclusively for members to share ideas, ask questions, and solicit advice on specific cases or health problems. (On 2019-03-17, we launched our very own online bulletin board, shown below, in order to avoid censorship issues on corporate 3rd-party platforms that have plagued many other Internet groups during recent years.)