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— updated 2019-03-06


Join RMHInet

About RMHInet

  Copyright ©2016-2019 by RMH-Publications Trust; all rights reserved. Published by the Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute; c/o PO Box 579; Hot Springs, Montana [59845] USA. Education and software for health professionals:

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RMHInet membership requirements and privileges

People with a wide range of experience and knowledge are encouraged to join RMHInet. Each level is tailored to the special needs of each class of participants, from beginners to experts. The four levels of participation are:

image:Beginner_memberBeginner    image:Active_memberActive

See Table of membership requirements and privileges, below. By applying for membership, you agree to the terms of the RMHInet Member/User Agreement.

To request a Beginner membership, just follow the instructions in Tutorial #1 and indicate that you are interested in applying for admission to Herbalists' BootCamp and in becoming a member of the RMHInet brainstorming network. Carefully follow the instructions for each tutorial within the Tutorial series.

Table of membership requirements and privileges.
Membership category Requirements and privileges

  • Successfully complete Herbalists' BootCamp (the Tutorial series).
  • Join a local study group; alternatively, if a local group is not yet available in your area, you may join a special RMHI virtual group.
  • Beginner members are allowed up to 6 months before they must qualify as Active Members.
  • Participate in the RMHInet brainstorming network.
  • Submit CaseQuery files to RMHI's AutoSage-TCM expert system for analysis — a fee is charged for each report ordered.
    The Beginner's Tutorial will include instructions for using the simple CaseQuery software program for creating your own clinical case-history reports, which can then be emailed to RMHI for processing by the AutoSage-TCM expert-system software. RMHI charges a processing fee for each AutoSage-TCM case report ordered by a member. We highly recommend that you obtain help from your local Group Leader(s) with finalizing your CaseQuery case reports to ensure that they are complete and as accurate as possible, including tongue and pulse data.
Active Member

  • All Beginner (image:Beginner_member) requirements, plus:
  • Maintain your status as an Active Member by one or more of the criteria below:
    • Complete an in-person class taught by your local Group Leader(s) on traditional pulse and tongue assessment during the preceding 12 months.
    • Purchase one or more AutoSage-TCM expert-system case reports within the preceding 12 months.
    • Purchase a Basic or Pro license for the HerbalThink-TCM software package (version 4.0 or later).
  • All Beginner (image:Beginner_member) privileges, plus:
  • Receive notices of special discounts on AutoSage-TCM reports.
Group Leader

  • All Active Member (image:Active_member) requirements, plus:
  • Purchase a Pro license for the HerbalThink-TCM software package (version 4.0 or later).
  • Satisfy the RMHI admissions score requirements for minimum scores on the TCM Herbal Tutor aptitude test; this does not require formal enrollment to qualify.
  • Have a working understanding of 'netiquette' — the commonly accepted rules for civilized Internet and email protocols — and other guidelines specific to RMHI discussion groups.
  • Have been an active contributor to RMHInet discussions during the preceding 6 months.
  • All Active Member (image:Active_member) privileges, plus:
  • Designation as an authorized RMHInet Group Leader**.
  • Ability to ask for donations and/or event fees for study groups that you sponsor.
  • Authorization to distribute the Free version of HerbalThink-TCM, provided that each recipient receives personal help from you in completing the Beginner's Tutorial series.
    Based on previous years of student statistics, we estimate that the preceding requirements can be completed within a total of about 40 hours of study and practice time.
    Each group can have more than one group co-leader; anyone who satisfies the requirements for Group Leader may qualify. For practical reasons, it may be useful to have multiple leaders, each of whom are experienced with different computer operating systems (i.e.: Mac, Windows, Linux) and able to offer help to their members.
    Local group events, tutorials, and classes that any Group Leader may choose to offer/sponsor are entirely autonomous and independent of RMHI, and sponsors of such events may ask for donations or event fees. RMHI's roles are to serve as the primary administrator of RMHInet and to provide its software services, courses, and educational certification to its members.
    **RMHI reserves the right to require, at RMHI's sole discretion, that authorized RMHInet Group Leaders maintain minimum standards of conduct and quality in their groups in order to maintain their status as authorized Group Leaders. Such requirements may change in the future, and all authorized Group Leaders shall be deemed to have been notified of such requirements after these have been posted on RMHI's website.

Regarding local group participants who may not be computer-literate:
    Group Leaders are encouraged to invite their clients, seniors, and others who may not necessarily be computer-literate to participate in local groups and to share information and knowledge. Though these individuals will not be able to directly participate in RMHI's software- and Internet-based services, Group Leaders are encouraged to offer their help to these individuals, for example, by offering to enter their clinical case history into CaseQuery interface for submission to the AutoSage-TCM expert system and to explain the results to them.
    To maintain your group's focus and quality, however, we recommend that you strive to have at least 50% of your members become Active Members, so that they can help the non-computer participants in your local group.
Certification Candidate

  • All Group Leader (image:Group_Leader) requirements, plus:
  • Be currently enrolled in or have graduated from the RMHI Level-1 course.
Privileges and responsibilities:
  • All Group Leader (image:Group_Leader) privileges, plus:
  • Receive discounts on fees for AutoSage-TCM reports.
  • Optional: assist RMHI in administering the list, advising on group policy, resolving controversies, and helping to maintain a friendly environment for members.
    Certification Candidates collectively help to administer the list, appoint moderators or committees to handle violations of list policy, and make recommendations for list policy changes.
    Certification Candidates also qualify for significant discounts on the standard processing fee for AutoSage-TCM analysis reports. In exchange for your time and expertise in explaining the results and giving advice, and at your discretion, you may then charge your clients the full recommended AutoSage-TCM processing fee and/or your typical fees for consultation time.

RMHInet Member/User Agreement

Service description. RMHInet is sponsored and administered by the Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute (RMHI). We, RMHInet, are an email-based brainstorming network of associates and students of the Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute (RMHI) and members who are are invited to join based on satisfactory completion of specific membership requirements. Our purposes are to promote rapid sharing of ideas and information among members, each of whose level of experience and expertise is known to the members-at-large, and to encourage independent local groups to form, in which members can meet in person and gain experience in traditional Chinese herbal methods and general health that are otherwise difficult to communicate purely electronically.

Registration. The User:

  • Warrants and represents that all of the data provided by the User in his/her application/request for membership is accurate and complete.
  • Warrants and represents that he or she is of legal age at the time of registration.
  • Shall not use pseudonyms or pen names or otherwise misrepresent one's identity within his/her application for membership.
  • Shall not use pseudonyms or pen names or otherwise misrepresent one's identity while participating in RMHInet and other member/student activities sponsored by RMHI.
  • Shall report any changes (e.g., legal name changes) to such data without undue delay.

It is technically impossible for RMHInet to determine with certainty whether any User is in fact the person he or she represents to be. Therefore, RMHInet assumes no liability for the actual identity of a user.

Membership categories. Participants in RMHInet are classified into 4 categories: Beginner, Active Member, Group Leader, Certification Candidate. Each category of membership has specific requirements and privileges specified in the 'Table of membership requirements and privileges'.
We may specify additional requirements in the future or to individual members in order to ensure the primary purpose of RMHInet, which is to maintain high standards of education and practice of Chinese herbology and environmental health.

Disclaimer of liability. Users/Members are reminded that, in general, membership is comprised of people who may not be physicians and may not be legally authorized to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any medical condition. All such information and content posted or communicated via RMHInet should be construed as general educational and reference information, opinion, and speculation, and each User is responsible for determining the accuracy and applicability of such information to actual, specific health conditions.
    Users are fully responsible for any activities that they pursue via RMHInet. We do not review the content communicated, posted, or stored by Users, such content does not necessarily reflect our own opinions, and We assume no liability for the accurateness or appropriateness of such content.
    We reserve the right (but have no obligation) to pre-screen, review, flag, filter, modify, refuse, or remove any or all content, especially content that may violate copyright laws, that may be obscene, offensive, or libelous, or that may violate client confidentiality. The User shall understand that by using the Services, User may be exposed to content that some may find offensive or objectionable and that, in this respect, one uses the Services at one's own risk.

Prohibited contents and conduct. Use of RMHInet to share content that violates laws, is offensive in nature, or infringes on the rights of third parties is strictly prohibited. Each User is responsible for ensuring that their communications are legal and that they do not infringe on the rights of third parties.
Specifically, the following is prohibited:

  • Publishing content that is pornographic, obscene, extortionate, or morally offensive in nature, liable to corrupt youth, glorifies violence, or is immoral in any other fashion.
  • Distributing content that violates applicable laws or which encourages illegal activities.
  • Publishing or otherwise disseminating false allegations, insults, or libelous/slanderous criticisms.
  • Publishing or otherwise disseminating information that would violate confidentiality agreements between health providers and their clients/patients.
  • Distributing content for which the duplication, publication or circulation would be in violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties or that encourages the violation of copyrights.
  • Circulating spam or any other form of mass e-mail or distributing unrequested e-mail in breach of applicable laws.
  • Distributing or storing content that contains software viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or any other damaging computer codes, files, scripts, spyware, or malware programs.

Limitations of service. RMHInet is offered as a free service, on an as-is basis. We offer no guarantees regarding its continued availability or accessibility.
    The right to use our service is only valid based on the current state of technology. We may restrict our services for a period of time, if necessary, for reasons concerning capacity limits, the security or integrity of the server or in order to perform technical maintenance and so as to ensure that we can properly offer our services or enhance them (maintenance work).
    We do not warrant that the services will meet User's requirements or expectations, that the services will be delivered uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, that the results that may be obtained from the use of the services will be accurate or reliable, or that any errors in the services will be corrected.

Limited privacy. A working principle of RMHInet is to create an atmosphere of openness and familiarity of all Users with other Users' experience and expertise. Certain data, like each User's real name, location (city, state/province, nation), RMHInet membership classification (i.e.: Beginner, Active Member, Group Leader, Certification Candidate), and awards for educational achievement and other special-merit awards may be listed on a webpage for viewing by RMHInet all Users/Members and by RMHI affiliates and staff.
By adding any content to RMHInet, User grants to RMHInet and to RMHI limited rights to use this content in its future courses for enrolled RMHI students and for its educational materials.

Termination. The provisions of this section shall not affect the right of both parties to terminate the agreement for good cause. A good cause is defined as an event that makes it unacceptable for RMHInet to continue the agreement to the end of the termination period, taking into account all circumstances of the individual case and weighing the interests of RMHInet against those of the User, and at the sole discretion of RMHInet and its administrators. A good cause includes any the following events:

  • If the User fails to comply with any applicable legal provisions.
  • If the User breaches a contractual obligation within this Agreement.
  • If the reputation of services offered by RMHInet or by RMHI are substantially impaired by the online presence of the User due to User's behavior, promotion of unethical or criminal actions, or other disruptive or notorious actions.
  • If the User causes harm to any other user.

Intellectual property. The User may make use of our intellectual property rights only as provided for within this Agreement and with our consent. The User may not register any protected privileges, such as trademarks, or have any such registered by third parties, nor may the User assert any such or have any such asserted by third parties, which are either fully or in part identical or similar to ours. Any and all rights to make use of our intellectual property rights shall end for the User upon termination of this Agreement.

Continued participation in RMHInet constitutes acceptance of this Agreement. This User Agreement may be amended in the future, and the User shall be deemed to have been notified of such changes immediately after they are posted on RMHI's website and/or announced in the RMHInet email discussion list. The User's continued participation in RMHInet shall effectively comprise acceptance of this amended Agreement.