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— updated 2020-05-03


RMHInet — recommended free, reputable, privacy-protecting, secure email providers

I strongly recommend that all RMHI students and associates obtain a private email account with a reputable, privacy-protecting, secure email provider. We have been informed by students that HotMail and YahooMail seem to have occasionally censored our email messages — certain messages simply disappear down a black hole and the only way students will know about it is by independently communicating with the sender. Personally, I would not trust Gmail either, although I cannot point to any specific examples of censorship. Such examples of "shadow-banning" have become all too common on social media, Youtube, and major email providers.

Given that RMHI insists on upholding the freedom-of-inquiry principle, we are always a potential target. Consequently, I am very selective about the third-party services I use and recommend to others.

Below is a summary of the most commonly recommended (by online reviewers) email services. Several of our students have used ProtonMail for a while and like it. All services listed below offer quite adequate free email options, with various deluxe options available with monthly/annual fee.

Be aware than in the EU and Switzerland, there are restrictions on speech that do not exist in America. American laws and Constitutional protections for free speech, at least in principle, exceed that of almost any other nation in the world. The trick is in choosing to do business with only those companies that respect these rights — American law holds that private corporations may, to varying extents, restrict those rights on their own platforms.

For reviews and additional recommendations, including some non-free services: