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— updated 2022-01-01


RMHI Forums — introduction

RMHI Forums is our very own private bulletin-board/social-media platform for our members, students, and graduates.

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RMHI Forums (launched 2019-03-17) is a private electronic bulletin board and online discussion forum administered by RMHI on our own website, thus circumventing the censorship and other problems that have plagued corporate social media. See our freedom of speech policy here:
      · The freedom to inquire — why is RMHI unique?
Any topic relevant to human and planetary health, survival, and well-being, if it is discussed in a respectful and rational manner, is fair game for questioning and debate.

RMHI Forums currently provides a platform for a number of distinct topic categories, described below. Access to all groups (except for 'Beginner' and 'FreedomNetwork' — see below) is restricted, each with its own private group membership/admission requirements.


Beginner — start here

  • Learn more about RMHI's programs and curriculum.
    Register here for a free membership.
    In the Immediate goals field, select: "Request a beginner membership in RMHI Forums."
    Once you join, you can contact us by private-messaging, by email, or by posting questions to other members.
  • After your registration is approved by the Admin, you will have access to all general_[xx] forums, as shown below.



Herbalists' BootCamp

  • The cutting-edge, innovative, and easiest way to learn Chinese herbal medicine. In 60 hours, learn to use your HerbalThink-TCM software to solve practical, clinical problems. This software package is the primary reference and interactive learning tool used in all our courses.
    To learn more and to apply for admission: Herbalists' BootCamp
  • Successful completion of BootCamp is a prerequisite for participation in RMHInet and the RMHI Certification Curriculum.
  • BootCamp participants will be given access to all bootcmp_[xx] (as shown below) and general_[xx] forums.



RMHInet: Health Brainstorming

  • RMHInet is a brainstorming network for individuals, students, and professionals to share ideas and information about health, wellness, and longevity and to apply the power of technology and dedicated focus groups toward solving complex health problems.
    To learn more: RMHInet
  • To qualify for membership in RMHInet, you must have successfully completed Herbalists' BootCamp or currently be a student/graduate of an RMHI Certification program.
  • RMHInet members will be given access to all rmhinet_[xx] forums (as shown below) plus the bootcmp_[xx] and general_[xx] forums.



RMHInet: Certification Curriculum

  • This topic category is reserved for enrolled students, graduates, and staff of RMHI.
    To learn more: Courses, activities, and certification options
  • Members will be given access to all rmhicert_[xx] forums (as shown below) plus the rmhinet_[xx], bootcmp_[xx], and general_[xx] forums.



FreedomNetwork at RMHI

  • Human rights and world news from a libertarian/conservative perspective. See here for a brief history of FreedomNetwork.
  • Register here for a free membership. In the Immediate goals field, select "Request to join RMHI Freedom Network."
  • Members will be given access to all freenet_[xx] forums (as shown below) plus the general_[xx] forums.