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— updated 2021-12-18


RMHI Herbalist Review

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Our publishing schedule is somewhat erratic; we generally publish issues whenever we have something important to say — up to several times annually. Only major articles are archived below.
2020 Oct 24 update — we will no longer be notifying subscribers by email of new articles.
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  • New ideas for learning TCM herbology and using the HerbalThink-TCM software
  • Important updates to HerbalThink-TCM
  • Examples of proper and improper herbal usage
  • Cross-cultural differences in the philosophy of health care
  • TCM perspectives on herbal health care, diet, environmental pollution
  • Practical economics, politics, philosophy, history relevant to our lives and health

Archives — RMHI Herbalist Review

Articles most frequently cited by other authors appear in bold.

  • 2021-#1. Fundamentals of pattern analysis for classical Chinese medicine (CCM) — a series of five introductory lectures
  • 2020-#1. Extraterrestrials, the Bible, and Alice in Wonderland— Battle for control of planet earth
  • 2019-#2. Exploring glitches in the Matrix:  overcoming psychological, political, and economic obstacles to freedom
  • 2019-#1. The flavors of herbs and foods — commonly overlooked, but crucial to your health
  • 2018-#2. Ikigai — pathway toward self-realization and a positive future?
  • 2018-#1. Our first year of Herbalists' BootCamp — observations and experiences
  • 2017-#1. Artificial intelligence unlocks wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine
  • 2016-#2. Election fraud, a Trump Presidency, and implications for alternative health
  • 2016-#1. Mentorship-internship, artificial intelligence, interactive games to replace outmoded and ineffective university education
  • 2013-#3. The right to practice herbology, legal history and basis — updated with new information since 1996
  • 2013-#2. Are our schools creating self-destructing human robots? — Advice for escaping the Matrix (and how this applies to TCM herbal education)
  • 2013-#1. Java security alerts; HerbalThink-TCM v4.0.0.4 released
  • 2012-#6. HerbalThink-TCM v4.0.0.3 released; Mass arrests of Banking Cabal?
  • 2012-#5. Crimes, conspiracies, and the five stages of grief
  • 2012-#4. Unplugging from the Matrix — music, sound, pulse, and the rise and fall of civilizations
  • 2012-#1. RMHI's aptitude test for aspiring TCM herbalists
  • 2011-#2. Trends that will affect the practice of TCM herbology over the next 10 years — the Internet Revolution, the "College Bubble", Chinese adulteration scandals, regulatory wars
  • 2009-#1. Health Freedom update — Montana
  • 2008-#1. History of the HerbalThink-TCM software - why it was developed
  • 2007-#3. Health freedom, Ron Paul update
  • 2007-#2. Microwave hazards, cell phones, and cancer
  • 2007-#1. Health Freedom issues; Ron Paul, U.S. presidential candidacy
  • 2006-#2. Depleted uranium and the depopulation agenda — the challenge of holistic health education
  • 2006-#1. The problem of integrating Chinese herbology with allopathic and western medical traditions — a personal perspective
  • 2005-#1. Urgent - action required to stop FDA attempts to undermine DSHEA
  • 2004-#3. Herb-herb and herb-drug interactions: modes of interaction
  • 2004-#2a. Why TCM Herbology needs to become an independent profession, separate from acupuncture
  • 2004-#2. Minimize the costs of becoming an effective herbalist
  • 2004-#1b. Interesting health news stories 2003-2004; FDA ephedra ban.
  • 2003-#4. The "Dumbing Down" of American Education - implications for Chinese (TCM) herbal education.
  • 2003-#3. SARS and TCM theories of epidemic illness.
  • 2003-#2. Orwellian schemes for maximizing health-care industry profits - How they endanger the delivery of quality TCM herbal health care.
  • 2003-#1b. RMHI's new certification options in clinical Chinese herbology.
  • 2003-#1. State Health Freedom Acts - A Growing Trend.
  • 2002-#2. Computer-aided instruction in TCM clinical analysis and decision-making skills.
  • 2002-#1. Effects of music and sound on human health.
  • 2001-#2. Top health news stories of 2000-2001.
  • 2001-#1. Overcoming the Trickster: media wars of the 21st century.
  • 2000-#4. Health fads from hell: margarine, canola oil, soy foods, green/black tea.
  • 2000-#3. TCM paradigm and western herbs. TCM usage of Oregon Grape Root.
  • 2000-#2. Codex Alimentarius. Proper and improper uses of ephedra. Contamination in Chinese herbal patent preparations. Vaccines under fire. Advanced publications for TCM herbalists.