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— updated 2020-09-03


Herbalist Review, Issue 2020-#1:
Extraterrestrials, the Bible, and Alice in Wonderland
— Battle for control of planet earth

by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.

Eugene Wigner, who won the Nobel Prize for particle physics in 1963, stated that the two most influential books in his life were the Bible and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by novelist-mathematician Lewis Carroll. •[a1]• Wigner, a self-declared atheist, acknowledged that evolutionary biology is incapable of explaining the complexities of human consciousness, which include the ability to manifest multiple simultaneous realities even though these realities may produce irreconcilable outcomes — which equates to the human ability to choose between good and evil.

Subtopics on this page…

Copyright ©2020 by RMH-Publications Trust; all rights reserved.



To students, graduates, and friends of RMHI:

The coming 12 months (autumn of 2020 to 2021) will be crucial to the future of humans on this planet.
Opportunities like this demand our urgent action.
If history is any guide, there are thousand-year periods during which it may seem we are all victims of events and of the self-appointed elite who claim to run this planet. During such times, I can understand why most people prefer to hunker down in silent acquiescence.
However, now is NOT one of those times.

I have never considered myself a religious person. Too often, I've witnessed the hypocrisy of true-believer types who choose to ignore clear warnings by the Bible and other religious texts that self-declared Satanists not only claim to be in charge of this planet, but have openly declared their intentions in the media. Yet these arrogant creatures constitute fewer than 0.01% of the total human population of earth. We, the normal, non-psychopath humans greatly outnumber them. Will we continue to tolerate their malevolence and crimes against humanity?

During such times, humanity is given a clear choice, and failure to act equates to an unambiguous endorsement of evil.

Special note to Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964):

I was born in the Boomer year of 1954, so this is not only a well-deserved criticism of a generation of adults now in their senior years, but a mea culpa as well. While we were advancing our careers, starting businesses, and making money during the last decades of the 20th century, our generation was guilty of allowing our children to be over-protected, over-vaccinated, and miseducated by teachers who bombarded them with Marxist propaganda.

If the younger generations are angry with us, perhaps they have some good reasons. We should not judge them too harshly while they protest and exhibit their rage, because we left them a miserable legacy: broken homes and families, outrageously high student debts, youth unemployment, and a great deal of real environmental destruction. It is now up to us to atone for our sins and gross neglect of their future.

What do you think??


Extraterrestrial manipulation of planet earth's evolution?

  • What if you had the power to overcome many millenia of interference in earth's evolution by a faction of self-professed Satanists who have traumatized and enslaved humanity by raping, torturing, and murdering small children, by incessant wars, and by controlling religion, banking, and economic systems?
  • What if this evil, which is described in the Bible and other religious texts, has actually become more widespread during the last 200 years than ever before in human history?
  • Could bribery and/or blackmail of politicians, scientists, university professors, media personalities, and Hollywood actors explain why we can no longer trust anything they state publicly?
  • Who are the Jesuits, Illuminati, the Vatican, Council on Foreign Relations, the international banking cabal, Mafia, Opus Dei, the Masonic Brotherhood, New Age Movement, and why is it so important that you become awakened to the evil that these factions have inflicted upon this planet?

I was born in 1954, a member of the post-WWII Baby Boomer generation, just in time to participate in the liberal politics of the 1960's. I was an early supporter of gay rights and medical applications of cannabis, years before these both became trendy political movements. During my college years, I unthinkingly adopted the humanist religion of Marxist scientific materialism promulgated by many of my professors at MIT, though I had been briefly exposed to libertarian ideas via a freshman course in philosophy.

Decades later, during my years practicing as an herbalist, I first encountered clients who had been victims of what is variously labelled as Satanic ritual abuse (SRA), Projects MK-Ultra, Monarch, and Artichoke. Many of these clients had begun to recall memories of their abuse. A close friend had learned how to deprogram these victims after her own son had been so victimized and had attempted suicide.

When I began teaching Chinese herbology, I discovered that several of my students also had direct personal knowledge of this phenomenon and began to systematically document it. The following articles on RMHI's website, written in 2018, summarized this information:

During the decades following my graduation from university, I began to question the truthfulness of so-called experts and authority figures. How many of them were compromised by the ancient evil of Satanic ritual abuse? At what price could they be induced to lie and perpetrate frauds regarding science, history, medicine, law, politics, religion, and economics? Which of them could be induced to commit high treason?


COVID scamdemic — the perfect red-pilling trigger?

Since the year 2000, RMHI's admissions procedure has carefully screened our students to ensure that they can think and reason clearly and that their moral compass is fully intact. We have no tolerance for the modern insanities of political correctness and suppression of freedom of speech that have become rampant on many college campuses.

Within the first month of the media's hyping of the COVID pandemic, RMHInet members and students were able to determine the following:

  • Regardless of who or what released the virus, it was not a purely medical phenomenon. The media's widely divergent opinions and purported facts revealed that it would become impossible to understand COVID without considering the economic, political, and religious angles — the very essence of holistic analysis. The virus scamdemic was being weaponized against the world's population!
  • Worldwide death rates were being fraudulently inflated. The reality was that actual deaths were far less than typical annual death rates from influenza. In many US states, deaths were being counted as "COVID deaths" if the deceased tested positive for the virus even though they died of other causes, including traffic accidents and murders.
  • Corrupt national and international government agencies (WHO, CDC, NIAID, etc.) conspired to lie to the public by presenting fraudulent statistics.
  • Courageous physicians publicly announced that wearing masks was not only useless but could be medically harmful to the people who chose to wear them. These physicians were massively censored by Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media, and some were fired from their jobs.
  • The COVID scamdemic was being hyped by the MSM to distract the public from revelations by US AG William Barr and the DOJ regarding Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, NXIVM, international child sex trafficking, torture, and murder, and the sordid connections of the preceding phenomena to Hollywood, Ivy League universities, and politicians in both political parties. •[d1]•

The #GreatAwakening

The following videos, each with a slightly different perspective, explain why the autumn months of 2020 will be crucial for red-pilling not only the American public but the entire world. (The COVID scamdemic is merely the trigger event for a global #GreatAwakening.)

  • New Earth Project Video (1:18:35) The US in Crisis (Or Not: Emergence?)
    by Robert David Steele et al.;
    2020 Jul 22   [65min video]
    [rww: the global #GreatAwakening vs. the Luciferian agenda, COVID scamdemic as catalyst for enlightenment, legal ways to challenge the mask tyranny]
    by FreakSense TV, interview of Mark Devlin;
    2020 Jul 28   [138min video]
    "The dialogue in this video accurately describes my understanding of the current reality, and how the Fall of the Cabal was executed in the late stages when the satanic El-ites arrogantly believed they had it all sewn up and Humanity was in the bag.
    ...How Donald Trump, and JFK Jr, against all odds, took down the Cabal"
    [rww: explains how current POTUS of USA, beginning in 2017 January, brought the following nations and factions under his control, as evidenced by publicly videotaped and highly symbolic violations of diplomatic protocol: Washington DC, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, City of London, NATO, EU Parliament, major US media corporations, Japan, S Korea, N Korea, Communist China, Vietnam, Davos/WorldEconomicForum/Soros, major international corporations, India, Mexico, Central America, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Russia]
  • Yoda: Fall Cabal Video Series Parts 1-10 with Summaries — JFK Jr. Alive Free Energy Human Trafficking Satanic Rituals Media Manipulation Dawn of a New World
    by Janet Ossebaard;
    2020 Feb 28   [video series, 175min total]
    [rww: prepare yourself for an intense red-pill experience. A good overview of the most important issue facing the world today, by Dutch investigative journalist Janet Ossebaard. Dark secrets hidden in plain sight — Pizzagate/Pedogate, pedovores.]
  • Project Looking Glass: From the Mouths of the Whistleblowers
    by SciCry; 2020 Jun 11   [55min video]
    [rww: Whistleblowers Bob Lazar, Dan Burisch, and Bill Wood will tell you from their own mouths what the project is and what it has been used for.]

The following article closely mirrors my own sentiments regarding #TheGreatAwakening:

  • David DeGraw: #ParadigmShift – Counter Tyranny: Mass Transformation Via Self-Actualization
    by David DeGraw; 2020 Aug 12
    "Concentrating first and foremost on setting ourselves right should not be viewed as selfish…. On the contrary, those who set themselves right and free their minds from indoctrination provide a great service to others. As human beings we all face similar struggles. Therefore, those who find solutions for themselves act as role models for other members of a society. According to the great historians Will and Ariel Durant, a study of history reveals that a healthy society depends upon 'individuals with clarity of mind and energy of will… capable of effective responses to new situations.' ...'The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.'"

Extraterrestrials, the Secret Space program, and Qanon

Few Internet researchers have explored the connection between extraterrestrial races, both humanoid and non-humanoid factions, in greater detail than has Michael Salla (

  • US Air Force Secret Space Program – Shifting ET Alliances & Space Force
    by Michael Salla; 2019 May 21
    "After its 2016 discovery that it had been deceived by the Deep State and their shadowy Fourth Reich allies, Air Force leaders made the momentous decision to shift alliances and realigned their covert space program with human-looking extraterrestrials. This has led to bold steps being taken by the Air Force to reveal the existence of its arsenal of spacecraft to the US public."
  • Military Insiders Confirm Thousands of Extraterrestrials Live Among Us
    by Michael Salla; 2018 Aug 08
    "As the scientific community continues to speculate about whether intelligent extraterrestrial life exists on exoplanets being discovered throughout our vast galaxy, military insiders have come forward to reveal that national governments are hiding a stunning truth. Extraterrestrials who look just like us not only exist throughout the galaxy, but tens of thousands of them have infiltrated communities all over the planet as neighbors, co-workers, teachers, doctors, humanitarians, etc."
  • Trump and Q on the Invisible Enemy – the Extraterrestrial Factor
    + other Qanon-related articles

    by Michael Salla; 2020 Jul 01
    "There have been multiple references to an 'invisible enemy' by President Donald Trump and Q (aka QAnon), which White Hats in the US military-intelligence community are presently fighting in an 'information war'. While mainstream news outlets claim Trump is merely referring to COVID-19 as the 'invisible enemy' that has afflicted the US and the rest of the planet, what emerges from examining the wider context of his remarks and Q posts is that the real enemy Trump is alluding to is a Deep State which has a non-human dimension that is behind the 'plandemic'."

Lest you think this merely about politics

The American experiment in government of, by, and for the people has now been in progress for over 240 years, and the results of this experiment are now available for all to examine. Some of the outcome has been a limited success, the consequences of self-government and the rule of law. However, the rise of corporatism (crony capitalism) as a dominant feature of late 19th and 20th centuries have been both unexpected and meretricious — to the point that modern corporations have morphed into legal persons possessing more "rights" than flesh-and-blood men and women. •[b2]• The following article on RMHI's website, written in 2018, explains how many people, regardless of their political affiliations, fail to consider the malignant aspects of corporatism:

  • Exploring glitches in the Matrix: overcoming psychological, political, and economic obstacles to freedom
    by Roger Wicke; 2019 Mar 23
    "Socialism and fascism — the dream vs. the historical reality; the false choice of socialism vs. corrupt crony capitalism; 'Crony capitalism' is a term often applied to foreign nations where government interference circumvents market forces. The practice is widely associated with tin-pot dictators and second-rate economies. In such a system, support for the ruling regime is the best and only path to economic success. Who you know supersedes what you know, and favoritism trumps the rule of law. ...the phrase now more aptly describes our own country [USA]. ... socialism, with its top-down control of the economy by technocrats, shares many of the same defects as crony capitalism, just gussied up in different rhetorical garb. Both systems inevitably fall into the hands of ambitious sociopaths, who are attracted toward power like flies to a dung hill; subsequently, the levers of government become accessible only to their cronies, who had abetted their ascent of the power hierarchy. The third article in the series addresses what many consider to be the primary fatal flaw of both crony capitalism and of almost every single socialist government on the planet currently: private central banks, which have the power to generate new money out of nothing and "loan" it out to governments, favored banks, and financial institutions at interest. In such an economy, those parasites closest to nation's source of financial blood flowing from the central bank get rich at the expense of the 99.9%."

The evil scourge of child sex trafficking, torture, murder, and organ harvesting should be repugnant to all of us non-psychopaths, regardless of our political affiliations. We should all be asking ourselves "To what degree has this evil infiltrated major corporate governing boards?" Corrupt crony capitalism has had an unhealthy impact on the health professions and on education for many decades, as I've documented in several articles on RMHI's website. •[b1-b4]•

Investigative journalist Liz Crokin began her research into current POTUS DJT while working for the MSM. Her MSM career would have gotten a major boost if she had uncovered any dirt on POTUS. Instead, this is what she uncovered:

  • Trump Does The Unthinkable
    by Liz Crokin; 2020 Jul 16   [8min video]
    "I wrote an article titled Trump Does The Unthinkable in 2016 because I was so disgusted at the lies the mainstream media & loud-mouthed celebrities were spreading about then presidential candidate Donald Trump. No one had anything bad to say about Trump till he made the decision to run for President as a Republican. My goal was to capture the essence of who the real Donald Trump is. This article went viral immediately & recently it’s been circulating a lot again across multiple social media platforms. I decided to turn this article into a video to reach as many people as possible so they too can learn the true heart of our President during a time when it’s still very hard to find honest reporting anywhere in the media."
  • The Truth About President Trump's Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein
    by Liz Crokin; 2020 Jun 19   [24min video]
    "The truth about President Trump's ties to Jeffrey Epstein you'll never see in the mainstream media."

Some Qanon followers believe that Q is closely associated with JFK Jr.; others argue for the message's importance regardless of narrator's identity. Read/view the following and decide for yourself what is plausible.

  • Q - The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED
    by JoeM; 2019 Mar 06   [13min video]
  • Q and Trump Team Defeat Deep State from Inside Out 1/3
    by Peter Meyer; 2020 Aug 13
    "Sleeping masses delay the Q-Plan
    Deep State’s satanic control is long-term conspiracy
    Only our Mass Awakening Liberates Planet Earth
    ...How this all started
    An all powerful group called ‘Q’ was founded in 2012. The name Q was chosen so no one would ever know their true identity, unless they would reveal themselves to the world. This alliance wanted to operate as an all-powerful, all-knowing, but anonymous group, working in secret without fear of retaliation by the Deep State. ...We need over 50% of the populace being awake, before the final move can be made, in order to avoid chaos and riots."

My reply to the Ivy League

A few weeks ago, I received an email message, purportedly an invitation to deliver a lecture on Chinese medicine to a group of Ivy League colleges. Initially, I chose to ignore it. However, this was followed by many nights of restless sleep, haunting dreams, and an uneasy conscience. I felt compelled to respond as follows:


You may feel that I should be honored by your inviting me to offer an introductory Internet lecture to a group of Ivy League universities on the subject of traditional Chinese medicine.

On the contrary, I am not. I cannot believe you remain unaware that our nation has been engaged in a 4th-generational civil war for many years now. The so-called Ivy League colleges and universities have been at the heart of waging this war on the American republic.

Several years ago, an herbalist colleague, for whom I had professional respect, invited me to participate in an online discussion with his students. He was then a professor purportedly teaching a course in herbal medicine at a state college in Massachusetts. I asked him to list some of his students' interests. Not being a devious man, he emailed me back and listed "cultural appropriation" as the first topic. That instantly set my alarm bells ringing, for it is one of those neo-Marxist identity-politics phrases that signals political correctness, intolerance of freedom of speech, and a strategy of controlling the population by dividing us in to hundreds of contentious factions.

I politely declined his invitation and informed him I had absolutely no intention of engaging in an unproductive argument over "cultural appropriation". The Chinese Communist Revolution of 1949 resulted in one of the most murderous cultural appropriations of all time. Millions were killed or interned in concentration camps in an attempt to purge traditional culture from mainland China. My teacher and longtime colleague, C.S. Cheung, M.D., was among its victims, and he spent almost a decade in an internment/re-education camp. So whenever others broach the subject of cultural appropriation in the context of Chinese medicine, I am prone to peevishness.

When I applied for admission to college in 1968, I was already aware of the dark history of the Ivy League colleges as a Fifth Column seeking to divide and rule the United States by controlling public education, religion, banking and finance, and government, all the while preparing its own privileged elite to become the governing class by an extensive network of private college preparatory schools. Having little interest in government or bureaucracies of any type, I applied for early admission to MIT and was accepted.

I had no illusions about entering the scientific world. For a price, scientists are just as capable as politicians of lying, committing criminal fraud, and even treason. So I began scientific studies with full awareness that a certain moral ambiguity might advance my career. On several occasions, I suspected faculty of attempting to recruit me into the CIA, when I was invited on a junket to the Caribbean with hints of wild parties and orgies. This, too, came as no surprise. My grandfather was one of those early conspiracy theorists; as soon I had learned to speak and read, he began my education in the evils of the Ivy League colleges, their involvement in secret societies (the infamous Skull and Bones, Scroll and Key, etc.), the Opium Wars, and high treason against the United States.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT graduate and a current candidate for US Senate from Massachusetts, has stated that "The one-mile radius between MIT and Harvard is the center of the center of the Deep State. [Much] evil starts within this one-mile radius." •[c1]•

A high-school friend had chosen to apply for admission to Harvard, and after our first term at college, we arranged to meet to compare experiences. My low opinion of the Ivy League was confirmed when my friend reported spending most of his first term joining eating clubs, debating clubs, and partying; only the very last week was reserved for exam-cramming and writing final papers. If I had tried playing hookey for only one week at MIT, I would never have been able to catch up. Years later, I learned that my friend had chosen to leave Harvard after his freshman year and enroll at the University of Colorado; he later attended medical school and became a successful physician. (Are the Ivy League colleges merely expensive country clubs masquerading as educational institutions? But why join a country club that abuses its members by subjecting them to a tyranny of political correctness? No thank you.)

If you are a student, graduate, or faculty member at an Ivy League college, do not expect RMHI's admissions committee to be impressed. My advice, if you are serious about studying Chinese medicine:

  • First read the many free articles on RMH's website. You will learn more about Chinese medicine from those articles than from any lecture.
  • In your application for admission, emhasize your strengths, not your weaknesses — we will forgive your omission of momentary lapses in judgment.

The logic of Chinese medicine is challenging to college graduates generally. RMHI has almost 20 years of student and graduate statistics to prove this beyond any doubt. I can only speculate on the reasons, but one suspicion is that college courses teach us all to oversimplify, and graduates are often unprepared for the complex decision-making required in the real world. (We are especially fond of home-schooled individuals, who typically do well in our courses.)

If you are a student, graduate, or faculty member at an Ivy League college, but you no longer wish to be bullied by the tyrants of political correctness, and you have a sincere interest in studying Chinese medicine, we welcome you to apply. Please see our policy on freedom of inquiry at:


Join me in taking action now!

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. — KJV, Ephesians 6:12

We have arrived at a crossroads in history, one that will require each of us to choose whether to eradicate an evil that has dominated planet earth for at least several thousand years, possibly much longer.

Please join me during these crucial months of 2020 and 2021 to help red-pill your friends, family, and social-media contacts.



My sincere thanks to our worldwide network of more than 40 anons who contributed ideas, suggested and verified references, and reviewed this article for mistakes.


Misc. references

  • [a1] "America Falls Into Rabbit Hole—Cheshire Cat Reminds Them 'We're All Mad Here'";
    in webpage at:
    by Sisters of Sorcha Faal; 2020 Jul 26
    "what books had the most influence on him, and why—a question Dr. Wigner quickly answered by saying that the two most influential books in his life were The Bible and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland—both of which he said his father made him read, because, his father said, if you understood them both, you could understand everything."
  • [a2] "A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality";
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    "Physicists have long suspected that quantum mechanics allows two observers to experience different, conflicting realities. Now they’ve performed the first experiment that proves it."
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  • [b2] "The Dumbing Down of American Education: Implications for Herbal Education:
    A summary of Thom Hartmann's findings on corporate abuse of power";
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    "While John Gatto makes clear how corporate powers imposed forced schooling on American children, one might logically ask how corporations became so powerful that they were able to achieve this goal. After all, the Founding Fathers of America had supposedly established a system of government that protected individual rights; abusive corporate monopolies (British crown-chartered corporations) were one of the key issues in the Revolutionary War, and the writings of Thomas Jefferson and others make this clear. Jefferson considered freedom against monopolies a basic right and insisted on a "no monopolies in commerce" clause to the Bill of Rights; however, this stipulation was not included after much contentious debate, presaging future battles between the capitalist-oligarchical classes and the anti-Federalist anti-monopolist factions."
  • [b3] "Trends that will affect the practice of TCM herbology over the next 10 years — the Internet Revolution, the College Bubble, Chinese adulteration scandals, regulatory wars:
    The U.S. health care system is the most expensive, inefficient, and wasteful in the world";
    in webpage at:
    by Roger W. Wicke; 2011 Nov 12
    "In examining the epidemiology of disease in various countries, it becomes clear that the primary determinants of health and longevity are access to sanitation and plumbing, clean water, healthy diets, sparing use of pharmaceutical drugs, use of herbs for common health complaints, and exercise. These essential elements of an effective health care system explain why a relatively impoverished country like Cuba can spend only $251 per person per year on health care, only 4% that of the U.S., and yet achieve similar longevity and infant mortality rates. While there is some debate over the accuracy of Cuban statistics, it is clear that to achieve dramatic improvements in population health, it is not necessary to break the bank. Cuba has achieved this within a socialist system, which demonstrates that a socialist economic model can work if maximizing health of the population at reasonable cost is the goal. Such top-down bureaucratic models, however, are subject to horrific abuses, and in the U.S., with its corporate-driven health care system, Americans suffer the worst of capitalist profiteering and fascist-corporatism, where corporate profits become the primary driving factor in government regulation of health care."
  • [b4] "The right to practice herbology, legal history and basis
    The U.S. health care system is the most expensive, inefficient, and wasteful in the world";
    in webpage at:
    by Roger W. Wicke; 2018 Jul 07
    "Though some extremist libertarians would abolish most regulation of corporate activity, the American Founders made clear distinctions between corporations, which are artificial legal constructs created and chartered by the state for the public benefits that they may provide, and natural persons, for whom conscience and normal social relations act as self-regulating influences. Corporations, being artificial constructs, do not possess a conscience; for that matter, neither do government agencies, and a growing number of Internet journalists have commented on the proliferation of psychopathic behavior among corporate executives and government bureaucrats. Human beings who have been clinically determined to lack conscience are labeled as psychopaths/sociopaths, and it has been recognized by many economists that corporate behavior during the 20th century has become increasingly psychopathic in nature."
  • [c1] "SGT Report: Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai for MA Senate — One Mile Radius of Evil Around MIT and Harvard?
    in webpage at:
    by SGT Report; 2020 Mar 20
    "The one-mile radius between MIT and Harvard is the center of the center of the Deep State. [Much] evil starts within this one-mile radius."
  • [d1] "The Epstein-Funded Child Porn Hub MIT Media Lab That Murdered Aaron Swartz"
    in webpage at:
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    "The complicity of DARPA and the National Science Foundation in this campaign of misdirection under a blanket cover-up is yet to be exposed. This level of financial fraud demands FBI action and Massachusetts state attorney general's probe into the MIT Media Lab, including its role in the Cambodian pedophile-child porn project and the murder of Aaron Swartz.
    ...Jeffrey Epstein is a statutory rapist, Negroponte's group are by comparison monsters, who compounded their criminal spree by arranging the murder of Aaron Swartz, the heroic Reddit editor who broke into an internal link on the MIT campus to hack the wire feed of child-sex videos prior to encryption."