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— updated 2019-02-22


Herbalist Review, Issue 2018-#2:
Ikigai — pathway toward self-realization and a positive future?

by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.

In this mad world, what are the obstacles to attaining the enlightened state of ikigai? How do we recognize and overcome them?

Subtopics on this page…

Copyright ©2018 by RMH-Publications Trust; all rights reserved.


A word of warning:
    Yang does not exist without Yin, light without dark. Ikigai is a traditional Japanese ideal that has recently attracted the attention of economists, philosophers, and public health scientists. However, to fully understand why the attainment of ikigai has been so exceedingly challenging in the modern world will require me to take you down a deep, dark rabbit hole. You may not wish to go there, and, if so, I respect your wishes. Take the blue pill. Proceed no further.
    However, if you are ready to take the red pill, or, more likely, you have already taken it, this article and its suggested reading section will help you to understand how and why our world has enabled the darkest aspects of the human spirit to dominate for many millenia and what we all must do to restore balance to the situation.


Ikigai — a reason to get up in the morning

My daily ritual includes scanning my favorite websites for world news, health ideas, and technology developments. Within the past few months, I've stumbled across a number of articles that mention ikigai, a traditional Japanese concept that seems to have attracted the attention of historians, economists, and public health scientists. According to Wikipedia:

In the culture of Okinawa, ikigai is thought of as "a reason to get up in the morning"; that is, a reason to enjoy life. In a TED Talk, Dan Buettner suggested ikigai as one of the reasons people in the area had such long lives. ...Kobayashi Tsukasa says that "people can feel real ikigai only when, on the basis of personal maturity, the satisfaction of various desires, love and happiness, encounters with others, and a sense of the value of life, they proceed toward self-realization."

Over the past year at RMHI, we have introduced a new service called RMHInet, which is a brainstorming network for people who currently are not being served well by the existing healthcare system. The preceding link is to a somewhat lengthy article that I wrote to explain our purpose in creating that service and who would benefit by it. I now recognize that everything in that article can be elegantly and concisely represented by the concept of ikigai (as applied to the extreme dysfunctions within the American healthcare system and way of life), which is summarized below:

— the harmonious alignment of all four elements:
What do you love doing?
What are you good at doing?
What can you be paid for?
What does the world need?

The absence of one or more of these principles lead to incompleteness and imbalance of self, family, society, and world.

The combination of any two of the four principal elements leads only to partial fulfillment of one's purpose in life and, perhaps, a general awareness that miscellaneous aspects are missing:

Elements present: Result:
What do you love doing?
What are you good at doing?
What are you good at doing?
What can you be paid for?
What can you be paid for?
What does the world need?
What does the world need?
What do you love doing?
Most articles on ikigai omit the following additional two combinations, but I have included them below.
(These combinations, however, are less likely to be sustainable, because they are imbalanced toward one or the other pole of the personal-needs vs. needs-of-others duality. In real life, each polarity demands something of value from the configuration.)
What do you love doing?
What can you be paid for?
Personal satisfaction
What are you good at doing?
What does the world need?
World-other satisfaction

The combination of any three of the four principal elements falls just short of the ultimate goal of ikigai, and such a condition is usually accompanied by an acute mental-emotional imbalance. By contemplating the specific nature of that imbalance, one may become fully conscious of the missing aspect and take active steps toward restoring it to one's life, family, society, and world.


Potentially dangerous imbalances on the path toward ikigai — entrapment within the Malevolent Control Matrix

When three of the four principle elements are present, but one is entirely absent, dangerous instabilities may arise within the lives of all so affected. Such individuals may appear superficially successful, but because of the inherent dangers of such a condition, it becomes urgent to identify the missing aspect and to restore balance.

Most traditional explanations of ikigai explain only the positive aspects while ignoring the darker. I wish to acknowledge:

  • An anonymous Chinese colleague and scholar for his insightful personal explanations of "The Little Black Book", as it is known to East-Asian conspiracy theorists and dark actors
  • The Art of War, by the ancient Chinese philosopher and military strategist Sun Tzu

I have incorporated insights from the preceding into the following table. To better know and manifest the light, we must also learn to identify and vanquish the dark.

3 elements present: Missing element: Corresponding mental/emotional state
and its consequences:
A What do you love doing?
What are you good at doing?
What can you be paid for?
What does the world need? Satisfaction, but feeling of uselessness by doing what the world does not need;
in extreme cases, guilt, derangement, or insanity from the misuse of one's talents for perpetrating discord, disease, death, and destruction.

Psychopathic predation:   People in this condition frequently fall prey to psychopaths within the power hierarchy, who seek out victim-accomplices who may be highly technically proficient but lack a firm sense of ethics. In extreme cases, once compromised, these unfortunate people may be blackmailed, further compromised, and then trapped within a dark web of progressively treasonous conspiracies.
B What are you good at doing?
What can you be paid for?
What does the world need?
What do you love doing? Comfortable, but feelings of emptiness by pursuing a profession/vocation for which you lack passion.
Thus lacking passion, one may be tempted to seek out addictive substances, casual sex, or other reckless activities that temporarily overwhelm one's awareness of this inner void.
C What can you be paid for?
What does the world need?
What do you love doing?
What are you good at doing? Excitement (and complacency?), but sense of uncertainty consequent to imperfect performance of one's tasks without competence, skill, and/or knowledge.
Educational system breakdown:   Young people in this condition are especially prone to falling victim to colleges and universities who offer inflated professional credentials not backed by real competence, expertise, or knowledge; such credentials lead to uncertainty and insecurity when their essentially fraudulent nature becomes increasingly evident to all. In the worst cases, schools, universities, and other institutions are infiltrated by cultural saboteurs who indoctrinate students in self-destructive ideologies calculated to create chaos and social decay. When over-inflated or fraudulent credentials are promoted by mainstream institutions and by government agencies, this is a sign of terminal societal collapse as incompetence, dishonesty, fraud, and corruption become rampant among all sectors of society.
D What does the world need?
What do you love doing?
What are you good at doing?
What can you be paid for? Delight and fullness, but no wealth consequent to offering one's labor and skills without receiving fair compensation.
Due to perverse economic incentives built into our current global economic system, the greatest challenge of our era is to create new ways for idealistic, ethical people to circumvent the present system and to be paid fairly for their accomplishments. Struggling with poverty presents one with constant temptations to compromise one's ideals. In the worst cases, such idealists are targeted by a psychopathic control system that attempts to punish such resisters while rewarding their victim-accomplices who fall within category A of this table.

Imagine for a moment the strategy of some psychopathic, malevolent control Matrix (MCM) intent on destroying a society from within by sabotaging its most important institutions and cultural traditions. To do so, it would be important to identify those people who are close to attaining a state of ikigai and to divert them from their goal. Such individuals are the greatest protection that any society has against such forces. Consequently, it is only logical that the MCM would develop strategies for sabotage ideally adapted to each of the 4 categories in the preceding table.

It should be evident that the most severe dangers to civilization arise from within categories A and C. If the MCM can harness the extreme technical proficiencies of people whose sense of ethics is weak or nonexistent (category A), promote them to positions of power within governments, corporations, and academia, one will then have acquired the means to destroy a society from within. An army of such psychopathic 5th-columnists can be utilized to perpetrate unnecessary wars, mass poisoning and mind control of the population, and other forms of mayhem that will enable destruction and takeover of that society. For those young people who are talented and idealistic, who would otherwise provide for the future needs of the world, it suffices merely to divert them into high-status careers whose professional credentials are impressive, but are based on false theories and irrelevancies — see category C. Examples:

  • Note how standard medical school curricula include ridiculously bare-bones instruction in nutrition, if even that, and graduates are brainwashed into thinking that for every disease there is an optimal pharmaceutical drug.
  • Even schools of alternative health may be infiltrated by administrators who sabotage the core, effective curriculum and gradually replace it with academically impressive, though irrelevant or impractical courses.
  • Economics, law, political science, and even the basic sciences have all been sabotaged to suppress ancient knowledge, humanity's true history, and advanced technology.

For people in category B, who are competent professionals trapped in something that they do not really love doing, the MCM provides endless opportunities for amusements and distractions of all types: addictive recreational drugs, casual sex, pornography, gambling, extreme sports, consumer widgets of infinite variety, and media entertainments.

Category D represents the greatest dangers to the MCM. Such individuals are highly competent at what they do, and they are idealistic, committed, and passionate about providing what the world needs. In today's dysfunctional global economy, such individuals often experience difficulties getting funding for their projects and receiving fair compensation for their work. Consequently, it is crucial for such individuals to recognize that the MCM system is not their friend. They must organize their lives to be independent from bureaucracies, government agencies, and other 3rd-party controllers to as great an extent as possible. Peer-to-peer networks that circumvent unnecessary middle-men should be preferred as means of communicating and for facilitating business transactions. Activities that require government licenses should generally be avoided, if possible. Seek out business service providers who respect your values, such as freedom of speech and the right to communicate health information without censorship.


RMHInet and the elements of ikigai

If you re-read our article describing RMHInet with ikigai in mind, everything should fall into place for you. The preceding table of conditions falling just short of ikigai exposes the perverse economic disincentives that are built into our current medical-industrial disease-care system and what each of us must do to restore balance in our lives.
Specifically, to answer the question of  "how can I make money?" (by providing services that are generally not being provided by our current healthcare system), see especially the last section of that article: Summary — business opportunity as a TCM health-coach/Group-Leader

There are many challenges to being an herbalist, which is a non-status-quo profession, for which the standards are ambiguous. Anyone can claim to be "an herbalist". So the real challenge is to convince people that they could benefit by your services. The quickest way to do that is to start getting results with real clients and offering classes and presentations to small groups of people to help spread community awareness of what you do. Rather than study for years, get a certificate of completion from some school, and then start worrying about how you are going to make a living, we encourage all our students to begin seeing clients and offering study groups as soon as they qualify as Group Leaders. RMHInet is based on the principle that if you are able to take an accurate health history, including tongue and pulse data, that information, with the help of RMHInet and all its components, will lead to ideas and potential solutions that you can immediately take back to your clients and group.

    Will I love being an herbalist?
Probably, you already know the answer to that. When taking walks in the woods, do the trees, plants, and flowers talk to you? When the flowers bloom in spring, does your blood quicken? Do you have an instinct for seasoning your meals with herbs and spices or do you always follow recipes without deviation?

Herbalists' BootCamp intentionally presents you with a wide variety of information and ideas, including some that may seem mundane and tedious. It is important that we devote care to doing all our tasks well, even the most routine and boring, like getting the dosages of an herbal formula right.

Years ago when we had first introduced the Herbal Tutor game software, most students adapted to it with ease, finding the games fun. However, one student complained that the syndrome identification games were "boring". I informed him that perhaps he was not cut out to be a TCM herbalist, because correctly identifying the patterns from a random set of symptoms is the most important task a TCM herbalist will ever perform with each and every client.

    What does the world need?
This is the primary focus of the RMHInet article. We should not even bother considering options that do not satisfy this criteria. What the world does not need falls within the domain of psychopaths.

However, a serious problem in our current system is that many consumers of healthcare do not really know what they need, because they have been brainwashed to believe absurdities and to avoid confronting unpleasant truths about the malevolent control Matrix in which we all exist.

    What can I be paid for?
Due to the serious lack of awareness of many healthcare consumers, before we can convince them that they need our services and that we deserve to be fairly compensated for these services, our very first goal should be to offer to educate these people. Of course, if someone refuses that offer, it is their free will to do so, and we must respect that. It might be their karma to learn from the school of hard knocks, instead.

That is why I emphasize the importance of RMHInet Group Leaders establishing community discussion and study groups. These groups will provide a means for your members to gradually get to know you and to become comfortable with the idea of seeking out other services that RMHI can provide with your assistance.

    What can I become good at?
Our current economic system has brainwashed most of us to run to "experts" to solve all our problems. These experts have typically endured many years of highly theoretical studies before ever being allowed to practice their profession. This presents excessive and unnecessary risks:

  • What if one is being taught by professors who promote incorrect theories and destructive ideologies that are calculated to maximize corporate profits to the actual detriment of real people?
  • How does one confront the ethical dilemmas of having studied for many years and having accumulated massive student loan debts, only to discover the preceding deficiencies in one's educational credentials? Might it be tempting to chuck one's conscience in order to pay off all those student debts?

A fundamental goal of RMHInet is to drastically reduce our reliance on experts. The Internet has created a "global brain" that we can all tap into if we choose, and most of us possess enough common sense to solve our own problems, especially if we are willing to gather the necessary facts from this global brain, consult with friends, family, and others, and to always be honest with ourselves and others about what we know, what we don't know, and what we are uncertain about. It is my opinion that dishonesty and outright fraud have much more serious consequences than mere lack of knowledge; our greatest mistakes are due not to lack of knowledge but to those ideas we insistently believe to be true though, in fact, are not. Perhaps we were originally convinced of many of those false ideas by "experts" and "authority figures". Stubbornly persistent belief in untruths can frequently lead to a lifetime of unnecessary suffering and can prevent its victims from recognizing the truth when it does manifest.

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."
— Mark Twain

Rather than wait to be declared an expert, a master herbalist, or the like, I strongly encourage you to discard any sense of helplessness and victim status to which you might still be clinging due to "not knowing enough". As the status-quo educational system is exposed for its incompetence and its frauds, professional credentials of all types will lose their exalted status. Instead, we will all be forced to re-examine our most basic assumptions about how the world works. Expect the next few decades to be exciting, turbulent, and revolutionary, as all fields of human endeavor undergo radical transformation, based both on new discoveries and on a renewed appreciation for ancient wisdom.


Additional reading and ideas to contemplate

To overcome the perverse, globalist economic incentives and cultural decay that have made attaining ikigai exceedingly challenging for the vast majority of humans on this planet will require much more than mere positive thinking. The articles below examine this problem from multiple perspectives. The solution requires each of us to refuse doing business with those who perpetuate a psychopathic business model, to actively seek out alternatives, and to demand reform of government institutions that effectively reward those who promote discord, disease, death, destruction, dishonesty, corruption, and fraud as endemic aspects of the global economy.

Definition, introductory articles

Relevance to economics

        Ikigai: Meaning and Purpose in Life
    by Jonathan Newman; 2018 Feb 09
    "The only thing that can hinder the natural process of individuals finding what they are good at, what they can be paid for, and what the world needs is government intervention. Price controls (including minimum wages), regulations, taxes, subsidies, and crowding-out effects can only prevent individuals from finding ikigai. Government can also separate the what the world needs category from the what you can be paid for category."
        Ikigai: A Japanese concept to improve work and life
    by Yukari Mitsuhashi; 2017 Aug 07
    "The country’s [Japan's] notorious work culture ensures most people put in long hours at the office, governed by strict hierarchical rules. Overwork is not uncommon and the last trains home on weekdays around midnight are filled with people in suits. How do they manage? The secret may have to do with what Japanese call ikigai."
        Our Strange Attraction To Self-Destructive Behaviors, Choices, & Incentives
    by Charles Hugh Smith; 2018 Apr 18
    "The gravitational pull of self-destructive behaviors, choices and incentives is scale-invariant, meaning that we can discern the strange attraction to self-destruction in the entire scale of human experience, from individuals to families to groups to entire societies.
    ...Exhibit 1 is the opioid epidemic (charts below). How did we reach this level of individual and social self-destruction?"
    interview by Dark Journalist; 2018 May 25   [34min. video]
    [Catherine Austins Fitts discusses the reality of the economic planning aspects of the malevolent control Matrix, planned drug addictions, disease-for-profit, prison-for-profit]
        Why Is Productivity Dead In The Water?
    by Charles Hugh Smith; 2018 Aug 30
    "Public and private institutions have become grossly inefficient and ineffective, soaking up any gains in productivity via their wasteful processes and institutionalized incompetence.
    ...The financial elites at the top of our neofeudal economy have optimized protecting their skims and scams above all else; their focus is rigging the system in their favor and so productivity is of no concern to them."
        Global RESET Challenge: Ultimate Twist
    by Jim Willie; 2018 May 04
    "The Global Currency RESET has 100 steps and the first 10-12 appear complete. This is not a fantasy, but very real and in progress. Its progress is not very visible to most observers. Some important steps are seeing tremendous progress, but they are executed in the East with very little press coverage by the insidious lapdog Western press networks."
    [rw: these steps are already working to restrict some of the psychopathic imbalances in the world economy.]

The Ginger Tree — a fictionalized ikigai drama
Most current Hollywood movies seem to me either depraved, depressing, or vapid, and I generally avoid them. But every decade or so, a work of art materializes that hypnotically draws me into repeat viewings. The Ginger Tree is a 1989 film version of Oswald Wynn's novel of the same name, produced by the BBC and by Japan's NHK. It is a fictionalized portrayal of historical events and culture in East Asia and Japan at the dawn of the 20th century. Wynn's highly acclaimed novel, in turn, references an earlier book, Kokoro: Hints and Echoes of Japanese Inner Life, by Lafcadio Hearn. According to the Amazon review of that book, "In 1896, just as Japan was opening to the West and interest in Japanese culture in the outside world was flowering, Western expatriate Lafcadio Hearn published this charming and insightful valentine to his adopted country." A central theme of The Ginger Tree and of Kokoro is the idea of ikigai. I don't want to spoil the plot of The Ginger Tree for you, as its surprise maneuverings are part of the experience of culture shock that makes these works of art so compelling. In brief, the protagonist is a Scottish woman caught up in a sequence of turbulent events during the period 1903 to 1942 in East Asia and Japan that thrust her into the transformative drama of ikigai. She progresses through the 4 stages with courage and a taste for adventure: (1) being skilled and self-confident in certain limited aspects of life, though dangerously naive in others; (2) discovering, to her initial shock, the nature of love; (3) becoming engaged in a profession she can be paid for; and finally, (4) as she fully integrates into Japanese culture and society, experiences ikigai, as her profession and life transform the people around her.

Questions for discussion:
    How might a lack of experience of love make one susceptible to being taken advantage of by pathological/unscrupulous actors?
    How might seemingly rigid customs and traditions protect us against chaos and poor choices until those traditions can evolve gradually over time to become more humane?
    How does earning a living at what one loves doing help one to avoid unethical choices?
    What roles do courage and the ability to contemplate one's own death with equanimity contribute to the attainment of ikigai? How does this state of mind lead to a refusal to compromise one's principles even in the face of death?

None of the remaining articles below this paragraph even mention ikigai, but now that you are familiar with the concept, you might begin to see its relevance to solving many of the world's problems.

Spirituality and the quest for meaning

Too many New-Age followers have fallen into the trap of believing that being "spiritual" means living in fantasy land and scrupulously avoiding all negative thoughts and unpleasant facts. In reality, such attitudes act to facilitate the perpetuation of evil, just as happens with afflicted families who attempt to conceal ongoing child abuse by a public mask of normality. The following authors provide a welcome antidote to such delusions.

        David Icke - Who Built The Matrix?
    2018 May 09   [31min. video]
    [ancient Gnostic interpretations of the malevolent control Matrix and its origin]
        The West's Rejection of God Will End in Misery and Terror - Solzhenitsyn's Prophetic 1983 Warning
    by Chris Banescu; 2018 Apr 20
    "As a survivor of the Communist Holocaust I am horrified to witness how my beloved America, my adopted country, is gradually being transformed into a secularist and atheistic utopia, where communist ideals are glorified and promoted, while Judeo-Christian values and morality are ridiculed and increasingly eradicated from the public and social consciousness of our nation."
        Egor Kholmogorov: Alexander Solzhenitsyn - A Russian Prophet
    by Anatoly Karlin; 2018 Apr 24
    "...far from being a relic of the Cold War, Solzhenitsyn remains a relevant figure, perhaps even more so than during his lifetime, with many of his predictions coming true and some of his suggestions and ideas being adopted wholesale by the Russian government."
        Jordan Peterson and the Return of the Stoics
    by Tim Rogers; 2018 Apr 23
    "Peterson is sketching out a draft for how we can survive, look in the mirror, and deal with psychological pain....We are the products of processes that are old, old, old. We stretch back across unfathomable reaches, incomprehensible spans, but we carry that history within us."
        21 Signs You’re Experiencing “Soul Loss”
    by Mateo Sol; 2018 May 11
    "Soul loss is regarded as the most serious diagnosis and the single greatest cause of premature death and serious illness by the traditionals, and it’s not even mentioned in our Western medical textbooks. — Deepak Chopra"

Question for discussion:   How might seemingly rigid customs and traditions protect us against chaos and poor choices until those traditions can evolve gradually over time to become more humane? Note that both The Ginger Tree and the preceding group of authors emphasize the importance of tradition and culture in providing a context within which each of us may search for our own meaning, purpose, or ikigai.

ikigai imbalances of type A — psychopathic predation at the highest levels of government

The articles in this section have been carefully chosen to give you a bird's-eye view of the current state of the world. These authors will bring you up to speed regarding crimes against humanity, systemic psychopathy, and treason at the highest levels of governments, the military-industrial-medical complex, and academia.

      Medical-military-industrial complex:

        The Officially Ignored Connection Between Lyme Disease and Plum Island
    by Melissa Dykes; ©2017 Sep 09
    "As an animal disease center Plum Island has been the focus of many dark government conspiracies, from top secret biological weapon experimentation during the Cold War to the working ground for Nazi scientists recruited after World War II."
        History of Lyme Disease as a Bioweapon
    by Elena Cook; ©2007 Feb 15
    "The world of Lyme disease medicine is split into two camps – the US government-backed “Steere camp”, which maintains the disease is hard-to-catch, easily cured, and rarely causes chronic neurological damage, and the “ILADS camp”, which maintains the opposite. The Steere camp is intricately bound up with the American biowarfare establishment, as well as with giant insurance and other corporate interests with a stake in the issue. The ILADS doctors lack such connections, but are supported instead by tens of thousands of patients rallying behind them."
        CDC: You’re Fired. Autism Coverup Exposed.
    by Kelly Brogan, MD; 2017
    "After Dr. Brian Hooker’s requests through the Freedom of Information Act for original MMR study documentation, a CDC Immunization Safety Researcher, Dr. William Thompson has buckled under the pressure of his conscience, and come forth as a whistleblower. These documents demonstrated a 3.4 fold increase in the incidence of autism in African American boys, expunged from the final study results in a violent act of scientific fraud. Dr. Thompson has since corroborated the CDC’s retroactive alteration of the data to eliminate the signal of harm."
        CDC Whistleblower to Extend MMR Vaccine Fraud
    by Leslie Manookian; 2016 May 03
    "Dr. Thompson has admitted in taped phone conversations and in a statement through his lawyer, that he and other authors of the study, which include senior officials at CDC, manipulated the data and violated study protocol to conceal their findings linking the MMR vaccine to autism."
        Medical malpractice case testimony by vaccine whistleblower is being blocked by the CDC
    by World Mercury Project; 2016 Oct 19
    "Thomas Frieden, the director of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), has blocked CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, from testifying on scientific fraud and destruction of evidence by senior CDC officials in critical vaccine safety studies regarding the causative relationship between childhood vaccines and autism.
    ...In a series of taped statements, a deposition to Congressman William Posey of Florida and instatements issued through his personal attorney, Thompson confirmed that the data underlying the seminal 2004 Atlanta study, Destefano, et al. 2004, showed a causal association between MMR and autism for both African-American boys and for children suffering isolated autism. Thompson also asserted that CDC's leading thimerosal studies, rather than demonstrating thimerosal's safety, have consistently showed a causal relationship between thimerosal and tics, a family of grave neurological injuries that are a well-established feature of autism."
        Neil Keenan Update | Gotcha: Big Pharma Exposed | Ultimate Vaccine Fraud Expose
    by Keenan Team, GroupK; 2018 Jul 02
    "Clearly speaking here “Mark Randall” (a pseudonym vaccine researcher who worked for many years in the labs of major pharmaceutical houses and the U.S. government’s National Institute of Health) had decided – because he worked at the center of vaccine production, and made them himself – that it was time to speak out because of the federal governments’ plan to make vaccination mandatory; when in fact he could prove it was much more harmful than helpful."
        The true investigation of how the U.S. military recruited Japanese germ warfare scientists and Nazi space weapons developers
    by Ethan Huff; 2018 May 01
    "The Japanese government recently released the names of more than 3,000 former members of the infamous germ warfare unit of the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA), which conducted heinous lethal experiments on innocent Chinese and Allied civilians during World War II. And with this”data dump” comes a fresh reminder as to how the American government actually hired these war criminals, as well as members of the Nazi party, to expand its own space program in the aftermath of the global conflict."
        Pharmaceutical and Medical Horrors
    by Mark Sircus; 2018 Jul 05
    "Bayer experimental drugs were tested on Auschwitz prisoners. One of the SS doctors at Auschwitz, Dr. Helmut Vetter, a long-time Bayer employee, was involved in the testing of Bayer experimental vaccines and medicines on inmates. He was later executed for giving inmates fatal injections. “I have thrown myself into my work wholeheartedly,” he wrote to his bosses at Bayer headquarters. “Especially as I have the opportunity to test our new preparations. I feel like I am in paradise."
        also at:
        Bloody Harvest: The killing of Falun Gong for their organs
    by David Matas and David Kilgour; 2017 Jan 31
    "the Kilgour & Matas Report ... provides a critical amount of circumstantial evidence that systematic organ harvesting is indeed occurring in China. They sadly concluded that the allegations of systematic organ harvesting specifically targeting Falun Gong followers are true. Their report further notes that the government-sanctioned persecution of innocent victims as practiced by China represents a new form of evil in the world."
        Chinese Gov. makes $1 Billion Extracting Organs From Fully Conscious People
    by Chris Kitze and Dave Hodges; 2017 Jul 31
    "some Party official did not like this particular brand of meditation, the entire group is persecuted, unjustly imprisoned and then killed for their organs.
    ...Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is a form of spiritual qigong practice that involves meditation, energy exercises, and a moral philosophy drawing on Buddhist tradition. The practice was first taught publicly by Li Hongzhi in Northeast China in the spring of 1992, towards the end of China’s “qigong boom.” I get asked why I loathe the Chinese government. You have just discovered one of the main reasons. The Chinese government kills people for the crime of meditation and then steals their organs."
        Israel is the organ harvesting and human trafficking global ringleader, with complicit help from US and Turkey
    by Joachim Hagopian; 2016 May 14
    "A 2001 BBC report disclosed that Israel per capita stands as the world's largest recipient nation for organ transplants yet is the country with the fewest organ donors. ... Corruption at the top of the international government crime cabal keeps this sordid criminal epidemic in operation and immune from any accountability, not unlike the obscene profiteering from illegal wars or the international drug trade enjoyed by the US government and the most powerful central banks laundering dirty fed drug money. These blatant high crimes are but symptomatic of a decaying, fast crumbling US-Western Empire nearing its final stages of collapse."

      Global human/child trafficking, SRA (Satanic ritual abuse):

        Globalists at the top of the “pyramid” use satanic cults to recruit new psychopaths into their ranks
    by Ethan Huff; 2018 Aug 09
    "Mark Passio, a former occultist, explains in a new video posted to, psychopathic globalists are actually all around us, posing as everyday Joes and Janes.
    ...'To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas,' is the exact quote stated by Brock Chisolm, a former Director of the U.N. World Health Organization (WHO) who was one such satanic recruiter, admitting out in the open the endgame of satanism on a global scale."
        CIA Agent Says Agency Supplies ‘Elite Pedophiles’ With ‘Child Prostitutes’
    by NWO Report; 2018 Apr 11
    "A veteran agent has blown the whistle on the CIA, claiming that they are involved in “running a child trafficking network” in order to provide children to “the elite pedophiles that run the world.” John Kiriakou was an agent for the CIA for 14 years before he left in 2004. He is also associated with Hollywood, having worked as an advisor in the film and entertainment industry. ...These children are usually raped and killed, and likely to be never seen again."
        Something Strange is Happening to Kanye West — Liz Crokin
    An interview of Liz Crokin by Sean of SGT Report; 2018 Apr 28   [53min video]
    "Investigative journalist and champion of children Liz Crokin joins me to discuss the latest developments regarding the round up of pedophiles, child traffickers and President Trump’s mission to put an end to all of it. We also cover the strange and wonderful awakening of Kanye West who recently tweeted “I’m all the way out of the sunken place. And I’m not scared anymore."
    Former MSM journalist Liz Crokin has been at the forefront of exposing the international problem of human trafficking, sex slavery, Satanic ritual abuse, organ harvesting, and mass murder.
        Horrifying Child Sacrifices | ICLCJ Court Litigating The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult: Some Members Prominent Global Elites
    by Judy Byington; 2014 Aug 12
    "It was alleged that the Ndrangheta Criminal Syndicate regularly worked with police, Vatican and Catholic orphanages in Montreal and Dublin to provide children for torture and killing in these monthly blood sacrifice rituals. The ITCCS which has been prosecuting the cases against Ninth Circle Satanic Cult members, called for Aug. 15 protests at McGill University, Reine du Monde Cathedral and Pro Cathedral. ...During the ICLCJ trials it was revealed that the CIA mind control program not only abused and murdered some of the 50,000 Canadian missing native children, but the perpetrators were members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult."
        Global Elite International Pedophile Rings, Pizzagate and the CIA Black Budget
    2017 Mar 27
    "During these times the Global Elite International Pedophile Rings “Pedogate”, Pizzagate and CIA Black Budget are getting exposed. The mounds of dirt they try to sweep under the rug are far too revealing to silence or simply go away. Judy Byington, retired CEO, therapist, author and mental health supervisor connects the dots via the interrelated subjects of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Pedophilia, CIA Mind Control and high level officials who have yet to be held accountable for their involvement in such crimes against humanity, specifically innocent children."
        Ninth Circle Cult - Pope Francis
    by Judy Byington; 2014 Apr 17
    "This article was based on today's exclusive interview with Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State on this week's litigation in the Brussels Common Law Court of Justice. Five judges and 27 jury members from six countries including the USA, considered evidence on over 50,000 missing Canadian, US, Argentine and European children who were suspected victims of an international child sacrificial cult referred to as the Ninth Circle."
        US Special Forces Arrest Satanic Pedophile Group – the Antarctica Connection
    by Michael Salla; 2017 Aug 09
    "According to a retired FBI and career military source, US Special Forces acting under the authority of the Department of Defense and with other global military authorities have been arresting members of a Satanic pedophile group that has infiltrated multiple levels of government in the United States, European Union, and other national governments. The numbers of individuals associated with the global pedophile group according to the source, who chooses to remain anonymous, has greatly exceeded what the military had expected.
    ...Goode’s information is well supported by the research of authors such as John DeCamp who wrote about the Franklin Cover-up, which detailed pedophile rings abusing children that compromised senior politicians in federal and state governments. More recently, Robert David Steele, a retired CIA/USMC official has also been speaking about the high level pedophile groups that have infiltrated many governments."
        Ronald Bernard: Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse
    2018 Jun 05   [33min video]
    Expert-witness/survivor testimony to INTJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. Bernard describes his own history of being horribly abused from childhood to his involvement as a high-level Illuminati financial facilitator; wars for profit, Satanic ritual abuse, political blackmail.
        An Australian Experience of Ritual Abuse & Mind Control — Watergate Was Pedogate
    by Fiona Barrett; 2018 Jun 08
    "The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing – the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters. — Det. James Rothstein, NYPD, Retired
    ...Rothstein explained that the NYPD was no ordinary state police force, but a leading investigative agency with national and international offices. Back in 1966, Rothstein became the first police detective assigned to investigate the prostitution industry. He soon discovered the underground sexual blackmail operation that compromised politicians with child prostitutes. ‘Human Compromise’ is the term he uses for this honey-trap process. Rothstein and his colleagues found that up to 70 percent of top US government leaders had been compromised. The CIA conducted the human compromise operation, while the FBI’s task was to cover it up."
        ITNJ: Fiona Barnett Exposes CIA MK-ULTRA, Human Trafficking, Bohemian Grove Child Hunting, and Australian Ministers and Justices Addicted to Pedophilia and Murderous Pedophilia
    by Fiona Barrett; 2018 Sep 11   [85min video]
    "Fiona Barnett’s testimony provides a very clear and detailed picture of global child trafficking, which, she explains, “is run as a single coordinated operation through the CIA in collaboration with British and Australian Intelligence Services.” In her testimony, she interweaves her personal account with a vast research-knowledge of the history, practices and interconnection between intel-agency child trafficking, Luciferianism, ritual abuse, and MK ULTRA mind control..."
        Chief Counsel Robert David Steele (ITNJ Seating)
    2018 Jun 04   [16min video]
    Testimony of Robert David Steele to INTJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. Satanic ritual abuse, sex slavery, child murder, torture, organ harvesting, abuse by international NGO's and charities.
        Pedogate: Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened for Deep State and the C.I.A.
    2018 Oct 02
    "PizzaGate Citizen’s Investigation Cyber-conference.
    The following 'Special Report' provides a big picture context that is necessary to correctly understand what Pizzagate is really all about. ...compared to the global Pedogate crime syndicate, Pizzagate is just one of many similar pedophilia rings that dot the globe. The crucial point is that now that Pizzagate has been blown wide open as a CIA operation, it is time to direct precious time and attention to the many other pedophile scandals around the world."

      Media control, propaganda:

        Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars: Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1
    Original document discovered 1986 July
    "Conspiracy theories are nothing new to history. Plots to 'kill Caesar' and overthrow Rome abounded, for instance. however, it is seldom that concrete clues to such plots come to light, and are generally known.
    Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, An Introduction Programming Manual was uncovered quite by accident on July 7, 1986 when an employee of Boeing Aircraft Co. purchased a surplus IBM copier for scrap parts at a sale, and discovered inside details of a plan, hatched in the embryonic days of the 'Cold War' which called for control of the masses through manipulation of industry, peoples' pastimes, education and political leanings. It called for a quiet revolution, putting brother against brother, and diverting the public's attention from what is really going on."
        The Real Reason There Was a “Golden Age of Television“
    by James Perloff; 2018 Apr 27
    "It’s said that if you want to boil a frog, you can’t just toss him in boiling water. Instead, you put him in lukewarm water, and gradually turn up the heat....According to Father Malachi Martin, a ceremony enthroning Lucifer took place in the Vatican on June 29, 1963, concurrent with satanic rites in the United States. I assume these rites probably included the uppermost ranks of Freemasonry, which, as I have noted elsewhere, has historic ties to Lexington (today it’s home to the headquarters for the entire Northern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite)."


        Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party
    by Epoch Times; 2004 Nov
    "Throughout its 80-plus years, everything the CCP has touched has been marred with lies, wars, famine, tyranny, massacre, and terror. Traditional faiths and principles have been violently destroyed. Original ethical concepts and social structures have been disintegrated by force. Empathy, love, and harmony among people have been twisted into struggle and hatred. Veneration and appreciation of the heaven and earth have been replaced by an arrogant desire to “fight with heaven and earth.”"
    [complete PDF text available]

      Killing the Deep State:

        An interview by Carry Cassidy with David Hawkins from Abel Danger; Project Camelot
    2018 Apr 25   [2hr video]
    "DAVID HAWKINS is an investigator with a vast background looking into 911 and various corporations involved in threatening our freedoms, secret societies and the technology they use."
        Benjamin Fulford 4-9-18… “The world asks, ‘Has America gone insane?'” (or, “The Second American Revolution had begun”)
    2018 Apr 12
    "the group of Western leaders who brought us the fake war on terror and the various invasions that followed are terrified of losing power and consequently being charged with multiple war crimes. This is the real reason why they are acting, collectively, in an irrational and hysterical manner. ...Unlike the open warfare of previous civil wars [in USA], this one is being fought over the instruments of mass mind control, including money, propaganda, cyberwarfare, targeted assassinations, and unpublicized battles between special forces. The ongoing attacks on Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft, even as these Internet giants strive to censor the web, are just one visible aspect of this new type of war."
      Ben Fulford is a former Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine and has been a news correspondent for several major East-Asian newspapers.
        QAnon on the Rothschilds & Satanism – Trump’s Secret Alliance with Putin
    by Michael Salla; 2018 Apr 21
    "QAnon’s revelations have been very helpful in understanding the puppet masters behind the Deep State, their connection to a Satanic cult that has compromised political systems in the U.S. and around the world, and how Trump and U.S. military intelligence are secretly coordinating with Putin’s Russia to deal with these multifaceted challenges."
      Dr. Michael Salla is a former Researcher in Residence with the Center for Global Peace, American University, Washington D.C. and Assistant Professor in the School of International Service.
        QAnon Reveals Effort to Frame Russia in False Flag Nuclear Attack on US – the Fourth Reich Connection
    by Michael Salla; 2018 May 02
    "QAnon has repeatedly referred to the movie the Sum of All Fears in posts dating back to November 2017 that suggest the Deep State is involved in an effort to foment a nuclear false flag attack on the United States. In the most recent post QAnon explicitly says that a nuclear weapons facility being secretly assembled in Syria would use uranium that could be linked to Russia....QAnon is telling us that the chemical weapons justification used by President Trump to authorize the strike was a charade, a cover. The US military was really targeting the secret nuclear facilities ostensibly controlled by Iran, but were in fact Deep State assets."
        QAnon links US Attorney with thousands of sealed indictments decimating the Deep State
    by Michael Salla; 2018 Jul 03
    "While there have been an increasing number of mainstream news articles debunking QAnon, the worldwide interest in QAnon’s posts has been rapidly increasing due to mounting evidence that President Trump’s White House is secretly behind the disclosures."
        Army Whistleblower: CIA Funds ISIS, Al Queda
    by Project Camelot, Carry Cassidy; 2014 Oct 03
    "...recent WHISTLEBLOWER, Scott Bennett, U.S. Army Special Operations Officer, global psychological warfare-counterterrism analyst’s report to his commanding officer following the trail of the money funding ISIS and AL Queda direct to the CIA.
    ...A groundbreaking in-depth interview with Scott Bennett. A discussion of the book SHELL GAME: A Military Whistleblowing Report to the U.S. Congress Exposing the Betrayal and Cover-Up by the U.S. Government of the Union Bank of Switzerland-Terrorist Threat Finance Connection to Booz Allen Hamilton and U.S. Central Command"
        Whistleblower Exposes How Obama and Clinton Created and Funded ISIS
    by State of the Nation; 2015 Dec 24
    "President Putin’s dramatic moves in the Mideast theater of war have created an opening for whistleblowers throughout the U.S. Federal Government to come forward with their stories of treason, which they have witnessed firsthand at the highest levels of the Executive Branch. Perhaps the biggest of these truly conspiratorial plots is the one that clearly delineates how key members of the Obama Administration were directly involved in the creation and funding of ISIS."
        The New American’s special report about the Deep State
    by Gary Benoit; 2018 Apr 27
    "But what is the Deep State? Does it even exist? How does it operate? What are its goals? Is it something to be feared? What can be done about it? The articles that follow shed much-needed light on these important questions."
        Critical Moment in Deep State Takedown is Happening Now
    by David Wilcock; 2018 Apr 28
    "“David, I wish you would get rid of this Illuminati stuff. It’s so dark. Even if it’s true, nobody wants to hear it. Why don’t you go back to talking about spiritual things?”
    ...A genuine spiritual path is not one where we dwell in fantasy. We are not seeking to enshroud ourselves in mystical beliefs that everything is just fine the way it is."

ikigai imbalances of type C — educational system breakdown, lack of competence

        Universities are Masonic Brainwashing Machines
    by Henry Makow; 2018 Aug 30
    "Professors, the pampered priests of this secular cult, have a vested interest in maintaining its shibboleths. They initiate students into a lifelong habit of mental servility. All knowledge comes from Great Men. Students can only aspire to analyze their meaning. A professor told me I had failed an exam because 'only great men can say things like that'."
        Educational Fraud Continues
    by Walter E. Williams; 2018 Apr 25
    "Some of the greatest fraud occurs at the higher education levels — colleges and universities. ...The major for the most ill-prepared students, sadly enough, is education. ...the first step toward any solution is for the American people to be aware of academic fraud at every level of education."
      Walter Williams is Professor of Economics at George Mason University and syndicated columnist known for his classical liberal and libertarian-conservative perspectives.
        Is College Worth The Cost?
    by Tyler Durden; 2018 Apr 14
    "I am a proponent of trade schools, of one year colleges with no degree (if you can get in), and also 4-year degrees in colleges overseas. Some kids are bright enough to figure this out on their own. The rest need a bit of genuine guidance instead of a preach job on the need for a four-year college education."
        A collection of articles on the questionable value of a college education., a website of libertarian philosophy.
        Four Reasons Why College Degrees Are Becoming Useless
    by Jonathan Newman; 2017 Jun 14
    "Graduates have little to no improvement in critical thinking skills ...Shouting matches have invaded campuses across the country ...Trade schools and self-study offer better outcomes for many ...Tuition is increasing, but future earnings are decreasing"
      Jonathan Newman is Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance at Bryan College; he earned his PhD at Auburn University and is a Mises Institute Fellow.
        After 3 Hours of Testimony, Support for [anti-homeschooling] Bill Sputters Out
    [major victory for homeschoolers in California]
    by Jonathan Newman; 2017 Jun 14
    "Homeschoolers came from all parts of California and bordering states to express their concern about the legislation. ...At about 8 p.m., the chairman revisited AB 2756, and called for a motion to advance the bill out of committee. But, there was a deafening silence. The committee of seven, composed of two Republicans and five Democrats remained silent."
        Homeschooling Expands As Parents Seethe Over Liberal Social Engineering And Violence
    by Mac Slavo; 2018 Jun 08
    "Christopher Chin, head of Homeschool Louisiana, told The Times that parents are fed up with “the violence, the bullying, the unsafe environments.” Many parents are also disturbed by the social engineering, which amounts to brainwashing and indoctrination that goes on in a public school. For example, a Minnesota public school is forcing Kindergarten students to study ‘white privilege’."
        No College, No Problem: Silicon Valley’s Student Loan Solution
    by Michael Kern; 2018 Aug 31
    "waiting in the wings for new employees is a line-up of companies that have crossed off college degrees from their list of requirements. It’s a line-up that extends into Silicon Valley even.
    ...'We want people who can think outside the box, think on their feet, and not be chained intellectually by linear thinking,' the executive director said. 'Just because someone has earned a degree and managed to make it through to the end, doesn’t mean they can think out of the box. In fact, it often means they can’t.'"

Author's note:   I am a strong advocate of homeschooling, one-year trade schools, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training options as an alternative to many terribly overpriced, dysfunctional, ineffective university curricula. For those who really do require specialized education in science, technology, engineering, or medicine, consider studying at foreign colleges and universities, many of which offer a superior education at greatly reduced cost and the benefits of exposure to a different culture and language.

End-stage collapse?

What happens when the malevolent control Matrix (MCM) succeeds in weakening a society over a prolonged period by sabotaging all 4 pathways toward the final attainment of ikigai? The article below explains in detail how the final strategic death blow may occur, perhaps even from a friendly power who perceives the problem, but has only been capable of watching in horror as its potential ally self-destructs from within.

        The US Outspends Russia 10X On Military, But They Are Equals. Why?
    by Dmitry Orlov; 2018 May 22
    "The US is spiraling down into financial, economic and political collapse, losing its standing in the world and turning into a continent-sized ghetto full of drug abuse, violence and decaying infrastructure, its population vice-ridden, poisoned with genetically modified food, morbidly obese, exploited by predatory police departments and city halls, plus a wide assortment of rackets, from medicine to education to real estate… That we know."
        Orlov has been dubbed by The New Yorker magazine as one of "The Dystopians", theorists who believe that modern society is destined to collapse.

Hope for the future?

        The Genie's Out Of The Bottle: Eight Defining Trends Are Reversing
    by Tyler Durden; 2018 Apr 11
    "The saying 'the worm has turned' refers to the moment when the downtrodden have finally had enough, and turn on their powerful oppressors. The worms have finally turned against the privileged elites -- who have benefited so greatly from globalization, corruption, central bank stimulus and the profiteering of state-enforced cartels. ... the important thing is that the powerless have finally started challenging their privileged overlords."
        The Awakening Goes Deeper Than You Think
    by Tim Bryant; 2018 Apr 26
    "When pondering the idea of humanity awakening, many often hope for a nice peaceful transition and naively believe that everything will be fixed by just thinking positive and refusing to participate in the system. ... This is something most people don’t want to hear because of the responsibility that comes along with cleaning up the mess. Real substantial change is only possible through a complete illumination of the dark, followed up by direct actions toward confronting it and removing it from power."
        The Event Horizon (Issue #015)
    by Yossarian; 2018 Apr 28
    "Trump himself succeeded in bring the anti-globalist revolution to “critical mass” with his astounding victory against the entrenched elite in Washington D.C. on November 8, 2016. The 2016 US election was the “shot heard around the world.” If globalism could be defeated in the United States, it could be defeated everywhere.
    We in America are currently witnessing the dying gasps of the Deep-State/Cabal and their Western Empire. Their efforts appear more and more feeble by the day. They have failed to spark World War III in North Korea and Syria, and they will fail to do so in Iran as well."
        The Emerging "Global Brain"
    by Mike Krieger; 2018 May 02
    "Naturally, people obsessed with controlling others and dominating society do not wish to see humans operating en masse at second-tier. People at a higher stage of consciousness are simply more troublesome and far harder to control and manipulate. As I noted in last year’s post, What is Spiral Dynamics and Why Have I Become So Interested in It?"

Author's personal experiences

To firmly dispel the notion that I may have selected the preceding collection of articles merely because they tickled some perverse fascination with conspiracies, allow me to briefly summarize some of my personal clinical experiences over a 30-year period:

  • Dozens of my clients had reported experiences consistent with those typical of MKUltra victims — mind-control through extreme torture and violent sexual abuse until the mind splits into multiple personalities. Their many personal stories were highly consistent with public reports that years later became widely accessible on the Internet.
  • Numerous clients had reported symptom patterns that are now widely known to be the result of electronic gang-stalking — the targeted harassment of selected individuals by means of pulsed-microwave weaponry whose use by the US military has been documented in Iraq and other countries.
  • Numerous clients, acquaintances, and friends have become painfully hypersensitive to a wide range of electromagnetic radiation from ordinary 60-Hz household power to cell phones, radio, and television signals. The documented research by credible scientists worldwide demonstrating the reality of such effects is extensive and undeniable.
  • A close friend and fellow alternative health counselor began to specialize in deprogramming victims of SRA (Satanic ritual abuse) and MKUltra after her own son was so victimized and eventually committed suicide. I later referred to this counselor a number of my own clients who were suffering trauma consequent to such abuse.
  • A number of my clients claimed to have been abducted by aliens. I always kept an open mind. Whether these incidents were really alien abductions, drug-induced hallucinations, or experiences induced by some military hypnosis-abuse project, I may never know, but many of these people were obviously traumatized by their experiences. I always treated them with respect and listened carefully to their stories.
  • Too many friends, acquaintances, and clients for me to count have contracted mysterious, debilitating diseases immediately after having been vaccinated, a few even dying suddenly following vaccination. Coincidence? I certainly don't believe that.

The following was contributed by an anonymous source, whom I have known personally for several decades, and reprinted here with permission:

    I agree with you re [the serious consequences of] pedophilia. I consider it the #1 social problem of the US. The total human suffering inflicted by an act of pedophilia over the lifetime of the victim, and through the victim to his/her social connections, exceeds the net suffering from an act of murder. Plus a subset of the male or female victims become perpetrators, and the story goes on.
    I was on the front lines since 1990, at first by coincidence, whatever that is. I worked with the massive often 100% sex abuse in Indian residential schools in US-Canada. In Oregon I worked solo on-site, getting evidence of ritual child sex and murder while evading armed men with dogs hunting me. In Washington state I worked directly with 'shrinks', national figures in theory and treatment of multiple personality. I worked with a ministry investigating disappearance of Seattle street kids and locating cults. I worked with a Southwest Washington Crisis Clinic which located area cults by their respective hundreds of victims later turned adults in chronic crisis. There is much more to this story.
    At first I thought pedophilia was isolated individuals and phenomena. Over time my knowledge went wider and higher. Later I thought the big guys simply tolerated it as a control modality, i.e., political blackmail. Then that Dutch banker murdered in Florida confirmed it goes to the very top. Child murder is central to their social recognition.
    You have my brief about demons, which I came to realize are central to the phenomena of child torture rape and murder. You did a post couple of years ago from some guy who said he spoke directly with Lucifer, which personally I doubt; but the other keys told me he was for real. He said they worship sex and death. Given that motive, the world they are making makes sense.
    I have come to believe the Illuminati do exist, though not as a coherent group. From the compounding clues including consistently from their defectors, they torture their children including sexually, and they f— each other as a power game. The resulting instability drives their adult sociopathy, i.e. Bush Sr. or their dissociation, i.e., Bush Jr.
    I think it would have been possible for them to insulate their quirks, and apparently did for centuries. But their genuine insanity drives them to make the world safe for their kind, and given the upper hand, intolerant of our kind. It is not, do we accept LGBT, but do they accept us?
    I think real revolution only happens when normally lazy citizenry are driven to the wall and have nothing else to lose. I always thought in America it would be over money and we were a long way from there. Maybe we collectively suspect we are driven by totally insane, power mad, demon worshiping child murderers.

So don't tell me that all this is just "conspiracy theory". That's a hackneyed phrase used by people who are too lazy to examine the evidence for themselves and too comfortable in their own delusions of normality.

The psychopaths who have controlled our world far too long have tortured, mind-controlled, and/or blackmailed a veritable army of victim-accomplices. I have reached a state of understanding in which I do not even hate these people. Many members of Illuminati families, the Cabal, or whatever you choose to call them, have themselves been horribly abused from birth until their minds have become shattered into multiple personalities.

Instead, the remaining bottleneck toward positive change is now the large percentage of the population who refuses to acknowledge the evidence all around them, continuing to foolishly believe that a few trite mantras, positive thinking, and avoiding all negative thoughts and unpleasant facts will somehow manifest utopia. If you raise a baby crocodile with tender loving care, the best organic food, and a fervent hope that it will grow into a cuddly adult pet, who is the fool? Is the crocodile evil when it bites your head off?

It is high time that we acknowledge the human crocodiles within our midst, refuse to obey their orders, remove them from positions of power in government, academia, and the corporate world, and isolate them from society with life imprisonment for their ghastly crimes and treasons if they cannot be rehabilitated.


RMHI freedom-of-speech policy

  • SRA (Satanic ritual abuse)
  • MKUltra mind control
  • electronic mind control
  • EMF sensitivity disorder
  • child abuse networks entrenched within CPS (state Child Protective Services)
  • alien abductions
  • cannabis for cancer
  • psychoactive herbs used to treat drug addictions (ibogaine, ayahuasca, etc.)
  • vaccine scandals, coverups
  • legal harassment of homeschoolers
  • the dark side of the organ transplant business and relation to international organized crime
  • legal strategies for dealing with FDA and other alphabet agencies
  • special needs of clients of particular religious beliefs and traditions
  • the idea of demonic possession, soul loss, across different cultures

What do the preceding items all have in common?

  • All are serious issues affecting the health and wellbeing of millions worldwide.
  • All are issues that have arisen from client health histories, questions from my students, and discussions on RMHInet.
  • And, finally, at one time or another, some unruly course participant has attempted to ridicule, shame, or silence another student/member who attempts to ask about or discuss that topic.

To be very clear what the rules are at RMHI:
In our courses and online discussions, if a topic is relevant to health and wellbeing (body, mind, spirit), it is allowed, as long as it is discussed in a respectful, matter-of-fact manner. RMHI is not a modern college or university in which students are allowed to throw tantrums over perceived "political incorrectness" or "microaggressions". Personal experiences, dreams/visions, articles we have read, scientific evidence — all are fair game for discussion as long as we are honest about our reporting and honest about what we think we know, what we are uncertain about, and what we do not know.

No exceptions. I do not censor. If one of my clients mentions such a topic during his/her health history interview, what if I had said "Oh, I don't want to hear that. Ugghh yuck. You are crazy. That's out of my field of expertise."" Would that be a cop-out or what?

During the 1980's within a few years time I built up a full-time business as a TCM herbalist in Boulder, Colorado. No advertising, just giving classes, taking on private clients, and listening to their life stories with an open mind. People would come to me because they knew I would listen to their stories calmly, respectfully, without pre-judging or calling them crazy. Did I ever receive an education, things I never learned in school!! I developed a network of trusted fellow health practitioners who could deal with things like SRA and demonic possession. At least I learned to identify the problem and get help for these clients. Isn't this what "holistic" is really all about?

I am a member of several other Internet herb discussion lists for herbalists. Most are highly restricted by topic to "just herbs". This-herb-for-that-medical-disease is generally how it goes, even on several of the TCM groups, disappointingly. No discussion of relevant health factors like environmental toxins, EMFs, scant mention of diet. I generally respect their tunnel vision and remain silent. One list even ridicules anyone who attempts to question the status-quo "vaccines are safe and effective".

At RMHI, I have always insisted on doing things differently. To solve the world's problems, we must first have the freedom to explore the facts, to discuss them openly, and to debate all possible solutions arising from our creativity and imagination.