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— updated 2016-11-10


Herbalist Review, Issue 2016-#2:
Election fraud, a Trump Presidency, and implications for alternative health

by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.

A proposal that could permanently and easily solve the problem of election fraud; brief update on how the US Presidential election might impact the alternative health professions and industries


Several years ago, my long-time research associate, Curt Kruse, and I wrote a "white paper" on election fraud and a proposal for a simple solution to this problem. At that time, election fraud was not yet on many people's radar, and we had difficulty convincing people to take the time to understand our proposal.

This past year's election season dished up such in-your-face, blatant election fraud that most Americans of all political persuasions have become outraged. The Bush-Clinton crime family, which has been in control of American politics for the past 30 years, had become firmly entrenched in BOTH political parties, and the East Coast establishment seemed obsessed with installing one of their minions as President — either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton would have served their purposes equally well. However, the rank-and-file in both political parties had no stomach for another dish of swill. Ordinary Republicans sent a loud message to the purported potentates of the Republican establishment that they were angry and disgusted with business as usual. Trump was their man. His off-the-cuff, locker-room comments pleased them, because it was a kick in the pants to the arrogant East Coast, Wall Street, Washington elite who had screwed them out of jobs, demolished American factories and sent them overseas, allowed millions of undocumented illegal aliens and Islamic militants to flood the country, and turned the economy and markets into criminal gambling enterprises, which gutted the soundness of financial institutions where ordinary American kept their life savings.

As liberal commentator and Hollywood film producer Michael Moore stated, many Americans were cheered by the prospect of sending a giant "F... you" message to the East Coast establishment. [The original video has been removed by Youtube; do an Internet search and you will find dozens of references to it.) In spite of every primary election shenanigan possible, Republican potentates were unable to stop Trump.

On the Democrat side of the aisle, many supporters of Bernie Sanders stated openly that they would never vote for Hillary Clinton. Quite a few of my Democrat friends stated that they believed she was a psychopath and would refuse to be in the same room with the woman. When Hillary won the primary election, widespread election fraud had been reported in many states, and many Democrats are convinced that Sanders actually won the popular primary vote by a large margin. In my own small town I saw dozens of signs for Sanders and none for Clinton.

Regardless of your political persuasions, the silver lining in all of this is that Americans have awakened to the reality of massive election fraud that has become entrenched within the American political system. As Joseph Stalin once said, it's not the votes that count, but who counts the votes.

Please call the following article to the attention of your friends, associates, and especially your state legislators:

Finally for those who are curious at how the presidential election may have impacted the right to access natural and alternative health services and products:

Bottom line: Hillary Clinton has always been in the back pocket of Wall Street, the pharmaceutical cartels, and GMO corporations like Monsanto. I'm astounded how many health food advocates, herbalists, and alternative health practitioners were not aware of these facts.