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— updated 2012-06-21


Herbalist Review, Issue 2012-#6
HerbalThink-TCM v4.0.0.3 released; Mass arrests of Banking Cabal?

by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.

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Copyright ©2012 by RMH-Publications Trust; all rights reserved.


HerbalThink-TCM v4.0.0.3 released

Version updates the HerbalThink-TCM software to be fully compatible with Java 7. Previous versions require Java 6 to run correctly, though they **may** run with Java 7 on some operating systems.

Current subscribers may download the new version at

New subscribers, please register here:


New admissions procedure helps RMHI recruit qualified candidates

Since 2012 October, HerbalThink-TCM 4.0 has been available as a download on our website, and this has resulted in a huge improvement in our graduation rate. Several students have already graduated from our Level-1 course using the new software.

Now, potential students are able to pre-screen themselves by taking an aptitude test that is included within the HerbalThink-TCM software as part of the 'Test' user option.

Many students find Chinese herbology surprisingly difficult to master; there has historically been a large gap between the ability to memorize traditional theory, definitions, and herbal formulas and the ability to use this information effectively in the clinic. RMHI's program in Chinese herbal sciences is one of the most challenging available, because we require that our graduates demonstrate mastery of clinically relevant skills. These skills, however, are **not** correlated with conventional measures of educational achievement, which is why, until we developed the HerbalThink-TCM software, identifying good admissions candidates for our school had been difficult. In the following article, I explain some possible reasons for this:


Mass arrests of Illuminati/Banking cabal imminent?

RMHI has never been timid about discussing scandalous topics that affect our lives and our health, including corporate and government corruption; we regularly provide this type of information to our students. I have been compiling material for this article since 2012 March. I was initially skeptical and suspected it might be disinformation, as so much of the Internet is. However, the more I delved into it, the more I became convinced that SOMETHING of major import is up. To read more about a plan that could potentially affect medicine, health care, our legal system, economy and money, energy production, and almost every aspect of our lives:

The following news story epitomizes why our current system is rotten to the core:

[rw: This man is a friend of mine who was bankrupted by the cancer-for- profit industry. ***If and when*** the corrupt corporate CEOs, medical doctors, scientists, and government officials who have propped up this evil system are eventually prosecuted for mass murder and crimes against humanity, I'll be cheering.]