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— updated 2012-04-17


Herbalist Review, Issue 2012-#5:
Crimes, conspiracies, and the five stages of grief

by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.

A mass awakening of people worldwide to crimes against humanity committed by political elite, corporations, and the medical-industrial complex will inevitably lead us out of the stage of denial into the subsequent stages of grief described by Elizabeth Kubler Ross.

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Copyright ©2012 by RMH-Publications Trust; all rights reserved.


Introduction:   Some of our readers have commented that the recent popular movie "Thrive" •[a1]• reminded them of themes that we have emphasized for years in our email newsletters and in our courses. By 1990, I had already long been aware of such things as the Committee of 300, the Club of Rome, Skull and Bones Society, the world depopulation agenda, vaccinations as a tool of mass sterilization, the corrupt nature of central banking systems and the Federal Reserve, trauma-based mind control and ritual abuse, electromagnetic mind control technologies, systematic introduction of poisons into the food and water supply, the steady erosion of Constitutionally protected rights and freedoms, infiltration by sociopathic-psychopathic personalities into bureaucracies and corporate boardrooms, and many other topics that were then still considered strictly off-limits among polite society.

During the 1990's many people had not yet even heard of the Internet, and students of what the mainstream media had long condemned as "conspiracy theories" had learned by painful experience to be discreet. In RMHI's courses and seminars, I typically prepared several levels of recommended reading lists: a primary level for public consumption and distribution to all students and supplemental reading lists to be given out only to students who asked the right questions. Occasionally, I miscalculated. In one seminar that I vividly recall, I began reviewing the research evidence for the pros and cons of vaccinations, and within several seconds after introducing the subject, one student, a nurse by profession, began berating me for having the gall to even question the necessity for vaccination as public health policy. Though the primary focus of our seminars is the subject of clinical Chinese herbology, health is not a matter that can so neatly be categorized in tidy boxes, and when some issue impacts our health in profound ways, I consider it a duty to alert students to both the establishment position and alternative perspectives.


The vaccination conspiracy

Now, in 2012, any diligent Internet user can find thousands of webpage and articles discussing vaccination hazards, effectiveness vs. ineffectiveness, correlation with various chronic diseases, etc. Physicians with a popular Internet presence like Joseph Mercola and James Howenstine regularly post articles criticizing vaccines and exposing collusion by scientists, medical doctors, and corporations to knowingly conceal evidence of harm from the public. Such evidence can no longer be swept under the rug, and parents in states across the U.S. are exercising their legal rights to prohibit their children from receiving vaccinations.

Check out the following video documentary by Gary Null on the relationship between vaccines, Thimerosal (ethyl mercury), and autism, and special diets that can help reverse the effects of autism:

The dietary recommendations described in this video are the same that we have frequently recommended to clients and students at RMHI for over 20 years, not just in cases of autism, but for a wide range of chronic degenerative health conditions. The video includes numerous interviews with MDs who have adopted these dietary and chelation protocols and films autistic children and their families before and after implementing such diets.

During the latter half of the 20th century, the vast majority of Americans largely trusted their government, and though they did not always agree with government policies, the majority attitude could be summarized as "Government regulators are working to protect and serve the public, and if they mess up occasionally, it's only because they don't have all the facts." The idea that one's diet could impact one's health in major ways was not a popular viewpoint. Medical doctors reinforced this belief, advising patients that unless one seriously strayed from the official "food pyramid", promoted by government agencies like the FDA and USDA, diet had little to do with disease. Back in the 1950's and 60's, however, foods sold in grocery stores were still mostly made with natural ingredients. The era of synthetic ingredients, modified this-and-that, and genetically altered plants and bacteria had not yet established its chokehold on the food manufacturing industry.


Mass awakening

Now, in 2012, thanks to the Internet, a growing percentage of the American public is awakening to the fact the government regulators are in bed with the very industries they purport to regulate, and regulation has become a tool for increasing profits, usually to the detriment of public health. Aspartame, MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oils, chemically modified soy protein, and thousands of synthetic chemical additives, pesticides, and added hormones, now make shopping for groceries like playing a deadly game of Russian roulette, though instead of a single fatal bullet, we are faced with choices of thousands of different tiny bullets with different shapes and flavors that kill slowly, so as to maximize medical-industrial profits extracted from us over our lifetimes for the treatment of chronic disease.

As the Internet gained in popularity during the past decade, exposure to conspiracies of all types has become commonplace. Conspiracy researchers need no longer fear becoming social pariahs. Movies like Thrive are making such discussion acceptable as part of everyday social discourse. With such rapid and massive public awakening that I have witnessed within just the last few years, what comes next?


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on a mass scale?

The answer to that question might be found in the writings of psychologists who have studied post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Stockholm syndrome, in which victims' helpless dependency on their captors for survival leads to self-identification with the philosophies, beliefs, hatreds, and cruelties of their captors. For thousands of years of human history, our species has endured a lengthy experiment with so-called civilization, which, as we are now discovering, has been manipulated and controlled by a nucleus of self-appointed elite, related by historical bloodlines and driven by insatiable greed, appetite for power, and, in some cases, psychopathic personality disorder. Psychologists and counselors have long recognized the tendency of families in which one parent is systematically abusing one or more of the children to "cover" for the offending parent, as if all family members are bound by a secret pact to maintain the illusion of normality to the outside world at all costs. In the same manner, larger human families, related by being citizens of a nation state or subjects of an empire, are bound by pacts of law and custom to uphold an illusion of civility, stability, and culture, in order to conceal horrific crimes, mass murders, and genocide.

The case of Kevin Annett, a Canadian clergyman who helped uncover and publicize decades of systematic abuse and genocide of aboriginal people in church-run Indian Residential Schools in Canada, presents us with a classic example of established power structures have attempted to deny history in order to desperately cling to an illusion of normality and civility. In the years following Annett's exposé, he has been stripped of his authority as a religious minister, banned from entering the UK to present lectures, and ostracized by the mainstream Canadian media. Annett hints that one reason the United Church of Canada may be so determined to conceal what happened is that the abuses are not merely historical events but are ongoing and that similar cases of child trafficking, pedophilia, and murder by well connected religious and political figures are a worldwide phenomenon. [•[a2]•] The treatment of the native population within the US is just as bloody, if not more so, but American academics have long come to terms with this history, documenting it in graduate theses, books, and movies. For his efforts, Annett has faced years on end of social ostracism and mental despair.

Canada is not known for its atrocities. Among the world's people, Canada is, in fact, considered one of more desirable countries for immigrants because of its overall quality of life. I have been to Canada numerous times, and find its people generally pleasant, well-educated, and better informed than the average US citizen. I don't have a bone to pick with Canada. What makes the Annett case so striking, though, is how a nation that prides itself on quality of life and culture can be so terrified of confronting its historical demons.

Near the end of the documentary Annett mentions how the aboriginal peoples call white people the "ghost people" because they seem to act as if in a trance, like zombies without souls. The Europeans who colonized America came from a continent that had experienced devastations and genocidal terror itself: the Black Plagues, the Inquisition, genocidal religious wars that periodically erupted over centuries. The Europeans then repeated this pattern of terror and genocide in America, as it had become programmed into their psyches. (Similarly, GI Gurdjieff and PD Ouspensky described modern so-called civilized humans as biological robots whose potential for individual reason and personhood had been destroyed by the installation of programmed behaviors.) Annett's insights in the final segments of the documentary are worthy of sainthood:

  • To pretend that healing is possible after such atrocities is a farce. The only way for the churches and governments who perpetrated these atrocities to prevent their own destruction is to face the truth, and inflict justice on the guilty — a modern day equivalent of the Nuremburg trials.
  • The only way for us to regain our sanity, stop being "ghost people" is to face the truth of our own history.
  • Organized religions have become derailed. We should boycott them. People should worship in their homes with friends as the early Christians did before their religion became a tool of political power and conquest.

Now magnify the Kevin Annett case by a factor of a million, and then I believe you will have some idea of the nature of what we as a species will be confronting during the next decade. As the Internet and alternative media circumvent the systematic blackout on certain topics by the controlled mainstream media, people worldwide will be confronted with evidence of horrific crimes by their government leaders, by corporate and financial executives, and by various religious leaders. Corruption, trillion-dollar frauds, genocide, and treason will top the list. Assimilating all this information will be more traumatic for most people than a death in the family.


The five stages of grief

Elizabeth Kubler Ross describes the various stages of emotional reaction to traumatic loss, such as a death in the family or severe illness: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. •[b1]• Until very recently, most Americans have been in the blissfully ignorant denial phase, but that is rapidly changing. Once the magnitude and extent of crimes and conspiracies becomes evident, expect the anger phase to come to a head, like the breaking open of a purulent abscess. I especially recommend the following video, which examines the elaborate culture of denial that has evolved to maintain our facade of normality, including the New-Age mantra of avoiding so-called "negative" thoughts.

    Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition (video) (full documentary).
    This video sheds light into the nature of love, relationships, the "New Age" movement, reality-creation, quantum physics, objectivity vs. subjectivity and how it all relates to the topics of "conspiracy theories", psychopathy, and the importance of esoteric self-work.

Specifically, it explains how the misguided New-Age habit of thinking only positive thoughts actually facilitates the on-going evil conspiracies that everyone pretends not to see, in the same manner as a family besieged by a child-abusing parent desperately struggles to maintain the facade of normality, and, by so doing, facilitates the abuser and prolongs the abuse.

During the past decade, the faculty at RMHI have frequently debated how to present controversial information to students regarding vaccinations, poisoning of our food and water, the nature of power behind the medical-industrial complex, and other gnarly issues. Unlike the 1990's, during which I delivered controversial information only to students who requested it by asking the right questions, I now include such information in the form of once-per-week "news updates" to all enrolled students, with the instructions that they may ignore topics they find too distressing. One week, I forgot to email the regular news updates, and during the next days I received complaints from students who were repeatedly disappointed to find it missing from their in-box — a far cry from the 1990's when I risked being labelled a pariah for discussing such things! The Internet seems to have awakened people worldwide to secrets that had been kept in the dark for centuries, some for millenia, and now is the time to prepare for the torrent of mass emotional trauma that will inevitably rise to consciousness.

The final phase described by Elizabeth Kubler Ross, acceptance, refers to the point at which calm acceptance of the reality of a situation allows the individual to reason clearly about what is required of him or her. It does not mean passive acquiesence to an abusive situation, which is more descriptive of the denial stage. Acceptance of current reality will require acknowledgment of our own complicity in past crimes and conspiracies due to our lack of awareness. It will also require us to demand that individuals guilty of massive fraud, criminal negligence, manslaughter, murder, and treason be prosecuted and removed from society, before humanity can truly thrive.



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