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— updated 2003-02-02


Herbalist Review, Issue 2003-#1b:
RMHI's new certification options in clinical Chinese herbology

by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.

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Copyright ©2003 by RMH-Publications Trust; all rights reserved.


RMHI's new certification options in clinical Chinese herbology

We've recently increased the flexibility of our curriculum and certification options to meet the needs of working health professionals and both international and American students. The following major changes in our programs allow you to tailor your study time to your schedule, to reduce travel requirements, and to choose from a range of certification options:

  • Expanded use of the Internet
  • CD-ROM-based instructional materials
  • New and more flexible schedules for several of our course modules
  • Certification for each of three levels and types of training:
    • Level 1: Supervised Self-Study Course
    • Level 2: International distance-learning
    • Level 3: International e-learning + on-site training

Our CD-ROM Self-Study Reference may be purchased at any time without enrolling in an RMHI certification program. For more information about the CD-ROM, see


Level 1: Supervised Self-Study Course

This CD-ROM-based Course allows you to start at any time and to study at home at your own pace, yet receive detailed feedback from both the self-quizzing software and by participating in an Internet forum for RMHI distance-learning students.

Originally developed to help RMHI students prepare for final exams, it has continually expanded to encompass a complete self-study course that provides users with a level of practical understanding that is immediately useful in simple clinical cases, and that is applicable to moderately complex cases with continued use and practice. Computer-aided interactive learning has made academic lectures and educational videos obsolete for most purposes: users learn how to interpret information relevant in clinical practice, not just memorize a sequence of facts and procedures.


Level 2: International distance-learning

This e-learning option allows health professionals and international students to receive personal guidance and feedback without requiring any travel. An extensive series of homework sets provides you with realistic experience in analyzing clinical case reports and determine appropriate herbs and formulas for these cases. In the final portion of this program, you submit your own cases and progress reports of friends, family, and clients, crossing the final bridge between textbook theory and clinical practice.


Level 3: International e-learning + on-site training

This option incorporates all the material in Level 2 plus on-site seminars in Hot Springs, Montana that include training in traditional pulse and tongue assessment, practice consulting sessions with real people (students and local volunteers), and incorporating dietary and environmental health into the clinical picture. The latter are increasingly crucial aspects for many people today, and often make the difference between frustration and success in helping these people overcome chronic debilitating illnesses.

Our new schedule allows students to complete Level-3 requirements by attending any two one-week seminars offered annually in July. (Our previous schedule of three seminars scheduled in one year was considered too hectic by many graduates.) Montana is a great place to vacation after you complete your seminar requirements.