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— updated 2001-08-16

Herbalist Review, Issue 2001 #2: Top health news stories of 2000-2001

by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.

Diet; emerging diseases; environmental health; heavy metals; herbs; population control.

RMHI HERBALIST REVIEW        Issue 2001 #2
Published several times annually by the Rocky Mountain Herbal 
Institute      www.rmhiherbal.org

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    Author: Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.

[1] Introduction
[2] Diet
[3] Emerging diseases
[4] Environmental health
[5] Heavy metals
[6] Herbs
[7] Philosophical perspectives
[8] Population control


[1] Introduction

As technology continues to make our lives more complex, we are 
faced with an increasing number of decisions regarding matters 
of health. Ignoring these matters results in our being exposed 
to thousands of chemicals, commercial processes, and 
environmental modifications that regulatory agencies either have 
not studied or have deemed safe based on self-serving 
evaluations by the very industries producing these chemicals. 
Bill Moyer's recent TV expose "Trade Secrets" stated what many 
of us have known for decades: we must take our health into our 
own hands or risk being poisoned. Moreover, a growing number of 
people suspect that the current massive levels of poisoning are 
part of a coordinated effort in population control and reduction; 
evidence for this possibility is presented in the section  
"Population control".

The news articles listed below we consider to be among the most 
important health news items of the previous year. Though we may 
list an article below, we do not necessarily agree with its 
conclusions or believe that it is 100% correct. As usual, we 
trust that our readers will have the intelligence to sift and 
filter for themselves, which is becoming a necessary tool of 
survival. (See Herbalist Review, 2000 #1: "Overcoming the 
Trickster, media wars of the 21st century":



[2] Diet

  Milk and Dairy Products Said Prime Cause of Osteoporosis.
  Correlation between dairy product consumption and osteoporosis; 
healthiest calcium sources are green leafy vegetables and legumes.

  The Hidden Hazards of Microwave Cooking.
  Microwaved food suffers severe molecular damage and people 
who eat it develop abnormal changes in blood and immune systems. 
Hans Hertel, the Swiss researcher who discovered these effects 
was placed under a gag order by the Swiss court system under 
pressure from the Swiss trade association.

  The Bitter Truth About Artificial Sweeteners.
  Relationship between Aspartame consumption and many 
neurological and other disorders; chemical breakdown components 
of Aspartame.

  The Fatal Problems With Irradiated Food - What The Research 
  Animals fed diets consisting of irradiated food showed 
significantly decreased rates of survival, weight loss, internal 
bleeding, increased rates of chromosomal mutation, fatal vitamin 

  Fluoride - What's Wrong With This Picture?
  Toxic effects of fluoride added to water and consumer products; 
anti-cavity effects of fluoride are primarily topical, and there 
is no justification for the ingestion of fluoride because of its 
systemic toxicity.

  Herbalist Review, Issue 2000 #4: Health fads from hell: 
margarine, canola oil, soy foods, green/black tea.
  (An article in our newsletter series from last year.)



[3] Emerging diseases

  Smallpox - Prelude To Armageddon.
  Possible recurrence of smallpox epidemics as a consequence of 
biological warfare.
  (Traditional Chinese herbal methods for dealing with epidemic 
illnesses has been a regular topic of RMHI advanced seminars for 
many years.)

  Mycoplasma, the Linking Pathogen in Neuro-Systemic Diseases: 
Chronic Fatigue, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Multiple Sclerosis.
  Biological properties of mycoplasmas; history of mycoplasma 
research and development of modified strains as biowarfare agents; 
zinc cadmium sulfide, a carcinogen, experimentally sprayed on 
unsuspecting human populations.
  (The specific antimicrobial actions of many herbs are known 
with respect to Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Salmonella, E. 
coli, etc., but little information exists regarding activity 
against mycoplasmas. Such information would be of great value at 
this time, and anyone with **documented** evidence of this type is
encouraged to contact RMHI.)

  Gulf War Syndrome: Biological Black Magic.
  A combination of exposures to experimental vaccines, chemical, 
biological, and radioactive poisons has led to severe and lethal 
illness among many Gulf War vets.



[4] Environmental health

  Trade Secrets: A Moyers' Report Program Transcript.
  Transcript of the historic TV documentary by Bill Moyers on the 
50-year coverup by the chemical industry of serious known health 
hazards from its products.

  Avoidable Home Toxins: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Propylene Glycol, 
Fluoride, Alchohol, Talc, Aluminum.
  Unhealthy chemicals are found in most commercial shampoos, 
toothpastes, cosmetics, soaps, detergents, and cleaning 
  (We make our own toothpaste from baking soda, myrrh and clove 
powder, water, liquid Castile soap, and a bit of vodka to act as 
a preservative. Use olive or sesame oil on dry skin, Castile soap 
as a general purpose body soap. Many synthetic cosmetics clog the 
pores of the skin, leading to dependence on moisturizers.)



[5] Heavy metals

  New Prison Diet Aims To Reduce Violence.
  Diets and foods high in manganese, such as soy, may cause 

  Pollution, Brain Chemistry, and Criminal Violence; by Roger D. 

  Crusade: He Says Diet Can Reform Delinquents, and Now He Has 
High-Up Support; by Daniel Weintraub.

  Violence in the Blood.

  Lead, Violence, and Lowered Intelligence.

    Poison Wind; by Nicholas Regush.

  Mass Deaths Of Kenya's Pink Flamingos Due To Toxic Heavy 
  Heavy metals, including cadmium, as well as large quantities 
of fertilizers, pesticides and agrochemicals are contaminating 
Kenya's Lake Nakuru.
  (Heavy metals, such as cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic, and 
nickel, can lead to persistent health problems that affect many 
of the body's organs and tissues. Such contamination is now 
found worldwide. Herbal and dietary means for chelating heavy 
metals and eliminating them from the body are topics in RMHI's 
professional curriculum.)



[6] Herbs

  Herbal Discrimination; by Stephanie Herman.
  An editorial on the quixotic FDA approval process, leading to 
product approval based more on profitability than safety.

  Chinese Medicine in Crisis: Science, Politics, and the Making 
of "TCM"; by Heiner Fruehauf.
  A critique of modern trends in TCM education and practice.
  Fruehauf reviews the history of TCM in the 20th century, and 
its struggle to survive against Communist bureaucrats 
indoctrinated by western scientific education. He warns that 
what now passes for "TCM" in most schools and colleges in both 
China and the West are watered down versions of traditional 
Chinese medicine that are being rapidly replaced by allopathic 
western ideas.
  (We agree with this assessment, and recognize that many people 
claiming to promote TCM do not really understand it, as a result 
of failure to discriminate between logical forms of thought, 
regardless of cultural packaging, and pseudo-science, which 
depends more in indoctriniation than developing ability to think 

  Aristolochia Ban To Be Extended.
  Herbs containing aristolochic acid are being banned in many 
countries, including the U.S., because these compounds have been 
shown to be carcinogenic or to cause kidney damage. These herbs 
include all plants in the genus Aristolochia. Other herbs being 
banned include those that are likely to be easily confused with 
or to contain aristolochia species.

  AAOM Herb Committee Responds to FDA Aristolochia Ban.
  American Association of Oriental Medicine responds to the ban 
on aristolochia, expressing its concern that based on problems 
reported with one genus of herb when used by people untrained in 
Chinese herbology, the FDA is using this opporunity to unfairly 
issue a broad-based ban affecting herbs that have never been 
shown to be dangerous, and which have no chemical similarity to 
the aristolochia species.



[7] Philosophical perspectives

  Harvey - The Undecided Future of Multidimensional Mankind: 
Pt II: The Potential.

  Night of the Red Sky: The Prophetic Vision of 'Grandfather'.
  A prophetic vision of an Apache wise man during the 1920's.



[8] Population control

  The Stealth Genocide Program - Review: Death In The Air;
by Uri Dowbenko.
  Chemical, biological, electromagnetic, and psychological means 
for population control; a review of books authored by Leonard 
Horowitz, M.D.
  (RMHI graduates are reporting increasing incidents of illness 
from Chemtrail spraying, and increasing numbers of people who 
are sensitive to electromagnetic pollution and atmospheric 
microwave bombardment.)

  Book review: Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, by 
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Dr. Joseph E. Barber;
by Uri Dowbenko.
  The use of healing music, particularly the so-called Solfeggio 
frequencies, herbology and electromagnetic healing medicine as 
an antidote to occult biowarfare.

  Tavistock - The Best Kept Secret In America;
by Dr. Byron T. Weeks, MD.
  History of psychological warfare; London-based Tavistock and 
its corporate and private organizational links in the U.S.

Other articles on this topic:
  Mind Control Slavery and the New World Order

  Remote Viewing - The ESP of Espionage;
by Turan Rifat.
  Military uses of remote viewing; EMF-induced calcium efflux 
from neurons and its effects on brain function; electronic 
weaponry; supression of remote viewing potential in normal 

  How The US Government Created The 'Drug Problem' In The USA;
by Michael E. Kreca.
  History of LSD; the MKUltra Project and the CIA.