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— updated 2018-09-13

Contact us — technical support

Have you read?:

  • The Help manual that is included in your software package
  • Our online Help manual, which is updated with the latest information

If you are using the Free version-option, please use join the HerbalThink-TCM User Group. Also, see the HerbalThink-TCM User Group Archive; common problems and questions have been answered there.

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If your question or comment is regarding an error with the HerbalThink-TCM software, please enter your 'About this computer' info. below.
Which operating system (i.e.: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux; + version numbers of preceding), which version of Oracle Java, and which version number of HerbalThink-TCM you are using?   You can easily obtain all this information as follows:
  • Launch (run)  HerbalThink-TCM .
  • Choose  About HerbalThinkTCM  from the main menu.
  • Select the  About this computer  tab.
  • Hit the Copy All  button to copy the contents of the text window that appears.
  • Paste  the preceding into the message box below.

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