Symptom-sign categories


Symptom-sign categories.
SYSTemic chronic/acute, vitality, thermal perceptions, fever, perspiration
RESPiratory shortness of breath, difficulty inhaling or exhaling, abnormally rapid breathing
INTAKe thirst, appetite
OUTFLow urine, bowels, menses in women, abnormal excretions (nasal discharge, coughing up of phlegm, vomiting, vaginal discharge) and attempted ejection and related symptoms (coughing, dry vomiting, nausea)
PAIN pain quality and location, what relieves/aggravates, itchiness or dryness of skin or eyes
SENSation abnormal sensory perceptions (vision, hearing, equilibrium, taste, smell, touch)
SLEEP ease of sleeping, dreaming, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep and/or easily awakened
MOTN (motion) movement qualities (degree of forcefulness and speed); abnormal movement patterns, limited range of motion, muscular tics and spasms
SPCH (speech) loudness, pitch, rate of speaking
BEHAVior personality, interaction with other people, predominant moods
TTIS (tongue tissue) color, shape, any fissuring patterns
TCOAT (tongue coating) color, thickness, moisture content and consistency
PULSe rate, strength, depth, quality, regularity of rhythm
PHYS (body characteristics) any abnormal coloration or appearance of face and skin, data obtained by palpation