Daoism vs. Gnostic Christianity


Beliefs common to both Daoism and Gnostic Christianity.
An ontological Absolute, the Dao, which is the source and ground of all of reality.
An emanationist cosmology — The Dao spontaneously emanates the One, the Two, the Three, and then the ten thousand things.
A transcendent, timeless, changeless principle in man (higher Self).
An emptiness (Wu) is that of an empty Absolute that produces reality.
Importance of maintaining one's physical health — The body is comprised of Qi and thus connected to the Dao.
The universe is comprised of condensed spiritual energy or Qi emanating from the Dao, thus imparting a certain reality to the objective, physical universe.
As above so below (sympathetic resonance).
The importance of aesthetics to health and self-cultivation via music, painting, living environments, architecture.
There are multiple paths to enlightenment, thus diversity of spiritual paths encouraged to reflect the uniqueness of each individual.