Fundamentals of pattern analysis
for classical Chinese medicine (CCM)
part 5

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Pattern analysis vs.
medical diagnosis
Chinese medicine
in crisis
The patterns of
The art, logic, &
mathematics of
pattern analysis
Taking back control
over our health

Fundamentals of pattern analysis
for classical Chinese medicine (CCM)

part 5:
Taking back control over our health

by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D. (creator of  HerbalThink-TCM
and Director of Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute),

in collaboration with Curt Kruse, M.S.  &  C.S. Cheung, M.D.
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2021 Dec 01
(updated 2022 Dec 12)


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I (Roger Wicke) am not a medical doctor, though I do have a PhD in biomedical engineering — MIT, 1980. The information I will be presenting in these lectures

  • is educational and general in nature
  • should not be construed as medical advice
  • is not intended for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease

Individuals desiring help for specific health problems should seek advice from qualified professionals.


Taking back control over
our health, our lives

* Crimes against humanity,
the Nuremberg Code
* Demise of the global Technocracy of Certified Experts
* The rise of brainstorming networks


Throughout the late 1980's, I experienced persistent intuitions to move to western Montana and to permanently leave Boulder-Denver, Colorado, where I had built up a successful herbal consulting practice. My libertarian-conservative leanings were already creating strain in my relationships there, and I had zero interest in remaining where alarming signs of civil and social decline were appearing. My choice of Montana was a fortunate one, given US and world events over the previous three decades. This chart briefly outlines flagrant, worldwide violations of human rights during the recent COVID scamdemic. Such abuses were thankfully mild in Montana. We now have some of the strongest laws in the nation outlawing mask mandates (checking the power of the Mask Nazis) and prohibiting outrages like employer- or government-mandated vaccinations and vaccine passports. ··

In his multi-volume tome A Study of History, Arnold Toynbee, one of my favorite historians, focused on the dilemma that faces all empires near the peak of their power: the very power that institutions of empire acquire makes them incapable of reforming corruption and injustice and adapting to change. He concluded, from a study of all the world's major civilizations, that the only response that might rescue an empire from eventual total collapse was the conscious choice by creative individuals within that culture to strategically "withdraw and return", thus circumventing the corrupt, collapsing institutions of empire. For this to be successful, such individuals must consciously side-step failed, dysfunctional public policies, reject all ties with corrupt institutions, ally oneself with like-minded compatriots, and create alternative, independent means of survival and preservation of important cultural traditions — effectively creating parallel systems as alternatives to the official ones.

For the preceding reasons, when I founded RMHI in 1990, I chose to scrupulously reject any ties with government educational bureaucracies and accrediting agencies. Herbalists have a great advantage relative to most other health professionals: very few countries require that herbalists be licensed. This is unlikely to ever change, because of the practical difficulties of legally defining the boundaries of professional practice. For example, consider the absurdity of requiring all mothers and grandmothers to be licensed in order to intelligently administer herbs and foods to their families when they are ill.

Crimes against humanity
Questions we should all be asking about our healthcare professionals and public officials.
How many doctors knowingly violated their Hippocratic oath and international precedents established by the Nuremberg Code by inflicting experimental and deadly treatments on their patients?
How many doctors inflicted experimental therapies on their patients without informed consent and by brazenly lying to them? How many of them were induced to do so by huge bribes from Big Pharma?
How many American scientists, universities, and corporations conducted bio-weapons research in collusion with China and other foreign nations?
How many public officials conspired with pharmaceutical companies to conceal criminal fraud and deadly medical technologies?
Whom should we rely upon for accurate information about health?

An herbalist's primary concerns should be:

  • To acquire enough knowledge and experience to
    • First do no harm — from the Hippocratic oath.
    • Offer solutions to your clients that are safe and effective.
  • To circumvent legal troubles by avoiding the "practice of medicine without a license" — which is relatively easy once you know the rules, most of which involve avoiding certain words and phrases in describing what you do.

I am appalled at how many health professionals, including some of my fellow herbalists, have violated the Nuremberg Code during the recent COVID scamdemic by toadying up to the medical hierarchy, ignoring blatant violations of human rights, and ridiculing their colleagues who have questioned this insanity, demanding that they get the jab. (I refuse to even call it a vaccine, because the legal definition of that word has been changed so many times by government agencies that none of us should assume we know what it means — legally, it is more appropriately called a bioweapon.)


An herbalist's primary concerns should be:

  • To acquire enough knowledge and experience to
    • First do no harm (from the Hippocratic oath).
    • Offer solutions to your clients that are safe and effective.
  • To circumvent legal troubles by avoiding the "practice of medicine without a license" — which is relatively easy once you know the rules, most of which involve avoiding certain words and phrases in describing what you do.


Summary of the Nuremberg Code regarding experiments/procedures on human subjects:

  1. Voluntary, informed consent is absolutely essential.
  2. Should be likely to yield beneficial results to human society, unobtainable by other means.
  3. Should logically follow from knowledge of animal research and existing data.
  4. Should avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.
  5. Prohibited if any reason to believe that death or disabling injury is likely to occur.
  6. Degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved.
  7. Proper precautions to protect against even remote possibilities of injury, disability or death.
  8. Should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons.
  9. Human subject has at all times the right to refuse to continue, if in his/her judgement, physical or mental limitations have been reached or exceeded.
  10. Must be stopped if continuation likely to result in injury, disability, or death.

The information about these crimes have appeared in thousands of articles and documentaries by reputable, well-known physicians and scientists. Some herbalists and health professionals may claim to have not known, but should they have known?? Moreover, did they intimidate, harass, threaten, or coerce others? Did they allow political biases to cloud their objectivity? Consider that the crime of manslaughter encompasses instances of carelessness or incompetence ("gross negligence") that lead to someone's death. I consider the entire COVID scamdemic to be one massive, prolonged moral IQ test for humanity and shudder to ponder the karmic debt that some people have taken on.

We should recall that during the Nuremberg trials, people convicted of crimes against humanity included complicit political, military, judicial, and economic leadership of Nazi Germany — not only the doctors and concentration camp personnel who actually inflicted the deadly procedures and experiments. The editor of Der Störmer, Julius Streicher, was convicted and executed for "incitement to murder and extermination at the time when Jews in the East were being killed under the most horrible conditions clearly constitut(ing) a crime against humanity." Due to the key role that Internet media companies and tech giants now play in the control and censorship of information, lawyers have argued that, like Julius Streicher, that these, too, should be held culpable for incitement to murder.

Soon after the Nuremberg trials, the United Nations General Assembly declared: "Freedom of information requires as an indispensable element the willingness and capacity to employ its privileges without abuse. It requires as a basic discipline the moral obligation to seek the facts without prejudice and to spread knowledge without malicious intent."

To those who plead that they were only following orders or "mandates": this is no defense. The Nuremberg trials were very clear about this; many such order-followers were executed for their crimes. You are personally responsible and liable for any criminal acts that you have perpetrated on victims.

Self-censorship has become rampant among physicians and health professionals of all types. The most common reasons given among those I have personally known is fear of losing their license or being otherwise disciplined by licensing boards. Yet the Nuremberg Code is clear on the issue of informed consent. It is not optional.

Violations of the Nuremberg Code are currently worldwide in scope. Before the era of COVID and its progeny, the horrific, repugnant practice of forced organ-harvesting on an industrial scale has been occurring in China for decades. For this to have occurred, many Chinese healthcare professionals had to have been complicit. In my opinion, this invalidates any remnant of moral authority that mainland China might claim over Chinese medicine. I predict that when the world finally awakens to the scale of these crimes, TCM practitioners worldwide who may have formerly boasted of their close ties with mainland China and the CCP will be scrambling to distance themselves from this atrocity. Unfortunately, this scourge has become worldwide in scope, even within US hospitals. The twin crimes of COVID and organ harvesting are now intertwined in a collective madness and collapse of ethics within the medical-industrial complex. The total number of people victimized by these will far exceed the Nazi atrocities of WWII if future history books ever report the truth.

The good news is that huge numbers of people worldwide, including physicians, are awakening to the reality of these crimes and are demanding justice. (For details regarding the criminal history and science of COVID, see the numerous references I've compiled on this topic, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s best-selling, thoroughly documented book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, ©2021.)
Numerous class-action lawsuits and criminal prosecutions are currently in progress worldwide against these crimes — see the extensive references for this section ("Nuremberg...").


    >> Reference 5-dNuremberg Code + current evidence of crimes
    >> Reference 5-d-rfkRF Kennedy: The Real Anthony Fauci
    >> Reference 5-d-organharvestingchinaForced organ harvesting

When licensed professionals and so-called experts have abandoned ethics in favor of mindless order-following, why should we continue to trust them or believe anything they say? What are the alternatives?

RMHI, the school that I founded in 1990, has always had a zero-tolerance policy toward many of the insanities that have long afflicted American colleges and universities. For those of you who are interested in learning more about CCM, either for improving your own health or for professional-level studies, here is a short list of our core principles:

  • Freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry are sacrosanct. Why would students not want to hear information that someday might save their lives? Debate must be civilized and respectful. Expect controversial ideas to be challenged and openly discussed, not silenced. We maintain our own private, members-only social-media platform for this purpose.
  • RMHI is a private organization that maintains no affiliations with any third-party accrediting organizations or educational bureaucracies and operates on the right of free and voluntary association, as do many small, unincorporated religious organizations. We award certificates of completion, not degrees — only chartered colleges may do that. (Herbalists worldwide generally do not require licenses. What really counts is how well you can help people regain their health.)
  • Our curriculum is focused on developing precision skills in pattern analysis, and exceeds that offered at almost any other CCM school anywhere in the world. If one cannot analyze a case correctly, rote memorization of hundreds of herbs and formulas is pointless. Digital reference databases make such rote memorization obsolete. Instead, we emphasize a thorough understanding of only 90 herbs in the materia medica, which form over 90% of the ingredients used in important herbal formulas. (However, the TCM Herbal Tutor software allows students the option to learn an enlarged materia medica typical of what many TCM colleges require.) We encourage our students to explore herbs from around the world, not just Chinese herbs.
    [See reference: Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains]
  • Honesty and willingness to share accurate information deserve greater respect than formal credentials and honorifics like "Doctor". (How many health professionals keep silent for fear of jeopardizing their licenses or privileged status?) We discourage the use of honorifics, professional titles, or titles of nobility among both faculty and students in our classes and online forums.
  • One's moral compass is just as important as intelligence. Without a strong moral compass and ethics, one cannot overcome the evils that have threatened our way of life. Do you think for yourself, or are you simply doing what you are told without question?
  • The art of brainstorming is a key aspect of all our discussion groups and courses. As the global Technocracy of Certified Experts crashes and burns, an age of brainstorming networks is dawning and will gradually replace rigid information hierarchies.

Because our interactive software has automated many formerly tedious, time-consuming jobs like grading exams and homework, we can pass these savings onto our students in the form of lower tuition costs than at almost any conventional college while offering an optimal learning experience.

Home-schooled individuals consistently do well in our courses and are encouraged to apply for admission.


    >> RMHI core principles

    >> Reference 1-mBloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains

Regardless of future radical advances in technology, symptom-sign pattern analysis is a timeless skill that will likely remain relevant as long as humans exist.

It's useful not only for understanding how to use herbs more effectively, but provides a window into understanding the complex patterns that may result from exposure to multiple environmental hazards. We provide our students with recommended reading lists on a range of environmental health topics. Clean diet, clean home, clean workplace, and avoidance of toxic, deadly medical treatments are crucial, and slacking on any of these may neutralize or negate the benefits of herbs — which is why we remind visitors to our website that our professional curriculum spans the topics of both classical Chinese herbology and environmental health sciences.

(I also believe that CCM pattern analysis may have an important future role in criminal forensics, given the questionable reliability of many medical lab tests and the ongoing exposure of research fraud and worse within the medical-industrial complex.)


    >> Environmental & lifestyle factors in illness

    >> Reference 4-c20th-century decline in childhood mortality — vaccines??

To achieve a world renaissance of classical Chinese medicine will require courageous individuals who refuse to compromise with the evils and declining standards that have afflicted academia, our healthcare systems, and many of our cultural institutions.

If you enjoy mental challenges, our course materials offer plenty of opportunities to exercise your mind and your curiosity.

To learn more, we encourage you to enroll in Herbalists' Bootcamp. In 60 hours of online study and coursework, you learn the basics of classical Chinese medicine and receive hands-on training using all the software modules demonstrated in this lecture series. Successful completion of this program is required for admission to our members-only brainstorming group and to all our other courses.

For guidelines on how to create effective brainstorming networks as an alternative to trusting "the experts", see the RMHInet link at right.

Whether you are an individual wanting to learn more about personal health or one who is seeking professional education, I look forward to hearing from you, and welcome you to join us at RMHI.


Herbalist's Bootcamp — an intensive, online 60-hour training program


RMHInet — a health, wellness, and longevity brainstorming network




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