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— updated 2020-12-07


What's new at RMHI?   (blog)

Posted here in reverse chronological order:
announcements of articles on our website, major changes to our curriculum, etc.

by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.

Subtopics on this page…

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2020-Dec-06:  The future of classical Chinese medicine in the context of rapid advances in technology: ancient wisdom combined with extraterrestrial tech?

The Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute (RMHI) will be partnering with the Self-Care Institute at Golden Apple Healing Arts to co-sponsor specific events and educational seminars and to provide for this newsletter to be continued into the future. (We recently notified subscribers that the current incarnation of this newsletter will cease after Dec 09.)
...In our next issue of Herbalists' Review, we will present an open-ended discussion on the history of American health care reform, the future of healthcare, and the role that ancient methods of healing and promoting well-being are likely to play. ...



2020-Nov-28:  FreedomNetwork, our latest addition to RMHI Forums

Why has the most popular, most widely quoted article on RMHI's website been an article on law (re: the legal rights of herbalists)?
That article, first published in 1996, has been cited by many herbal websites and professional organizations and has been used as primer for health-freedom activists throughout the US, and its principles have been confirmed multiple times in court cases, formal legislative hearings, and state supreme court rulings. What is not commonly known is that the fundamental premise of that article arose from my studies of common law and my long-standing interest in libertarian philosophy, subjects which have been long suppressed at law schools. ...



2020-Nov-22:  Is the era of experts over? — The art of brainstorming

The year 2020, with its multiple global-scale scandals and crises, has forced many of us to confront the possibility that many of the experts and authority figures we had trusted to maintain the orderly running of our technological societies were themselves guilty of criminal fraud, lying for personal financial gain. The COVID scamdemic alone has inflicted economic misery on the world's population and has seriously damaged the credibility of the medical profession.



2020-Nov-16:  Ways to keep in touch and overcome censorship

After Dec 06, we will cease emailing the RMHI Herbalists Review newsletter. Instead, we've provided multiple ways for you to stay in touch with RMHI, all of which we believe are more reliable and resistant to censorship than conventional email.



2020-Nov 07:  About our updated website — overcoming the challenges of censorship

Technology should be our servant, not our master.
After posting a controversial article on our website (in 2020 August), RMHI experienced its first major bout of censorship:

  • Emails to our subscribers were suppressed en masse and a multitude of them were auto-unsubscribed within a few minutes.
  • Over the next few weeks, our Google rankings put us into the dungeon.

This was not entirely unexpected...