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— updated 2020-12-06


What's new at RMHI?   (blog)
2020-Dec-06:  The future of classical Chinese medicine in the context of rapid advances in technology: ancient wisdom combined with extraterrestrial tech?

by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.

Copyright ©2020 by RMH-Publications Trust; all rights reserved.

The Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute (RMHI) will be partnering with the Self-Care Institute at Golden Apple Healing Arts to co-sponsor specific events and educational seminars and to provide for this newsletter to be continued into the future. (We recently notified subscribers that the current incarnation of this newsletter will cease after Dec 09.)

Martha Libster, Ph.D., MSN, APRN-PMHCNS, graduated from RMHI in 1994 and is the Executive Director of Golden Apple Healing Arts. She and I are dedicated to teaching people precision self-care — simple, effective techniques and practices that can be performed at home. The vast majority of common health concerns and even chronic illness can often be addressed this way. She has been engaged for the past 25 years in helping people and communities to restore knowledge and faith in non-drug precision self-care solutions with plants as partners. Drastic or more complicated methods often need only be considered after simpler methods have failed or when people reach a plateau or bottleneck in their improvement.

Most conventional news articles about the future of healthcare avoid discussing the fact that remarkable methods are already available for many common, chronic, and even serious illnesses. And forget about any discussion of age-regression technology, Nicola Tesla, or the Secret Space program, which independent journalists have been documenting for decades.

In our next issue of Herbalists' Review, we will present an open-ended discussion on the history of American health care reform, the future of healthcare, and the role that ancient methods of healing and promoting well-being are likely to play.

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