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— updated 2020-11-28


What's new at RMHI?   (blog)
2020-Nov-28:  FreedomNetwork, our latest addition to RMHI Forums

by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.

Copyright ©2020 by RMH-Publications Trust; all rights reserved.

Why has the most popular, most widely quoted article on RMHI's website been an article on law (re: the legal rights of herbalists)?

That article, first published in 1996, has been cited by many herbal websites and professional organizations and has been used as primer for health-freedom activists throughout the US, and its principles have been confirmed multiple times in court cases, formal legislative hearings, and state supreme court rulings. What is not commonly known is that the fundamental premise of that article arose from my studies of common law and my long-standing interest in libertarian philosophy, subjects which have been long suppressed at law schools. Most licensed attorneys are dismissive and even contemptuous of these ideas, as are most government bureaucrats and judges.

The common law is based on a principle so simple that it can be summarized in one short sentence:

"Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets." -- [New KJV] Matthew 7:12

For many decades, those of us who studied common law were ridiculed as extremists, but that is rapidly changing. What began as an isolated crusade by American libertarians and Constitutionalists has grown into a worldwide tsunami of grassroots political activism that now threatens to topple governments and to demolish the illegitimate power of corporations, which have routinely tricked the vast majority (99.9%) of real flesh-and-blood men and women into waiving their rights via deceptively worded contracts and by "consent".

In the current blog issue, I will briefly explain the origins of RMHI Forums' FreedomNetwork and how you can register for a free membership. The answers to the following questions are accessible only to registered members:

  • What are the three basic, simple statements/questions that you must always pose to successfully challenge the authority of any bureaucrat, government agent, or law enforcement official?
  • Why do the preceding form the basis for international law regarding crimes against humanity?
  • Why are corrupt governments and corporations worldwide desperate to keep this information suppressed?
  • Which websites do I visit to learn more about all this? (Good luck trying to use Google to find any of them.)
  • How did a grandma living in a remote rural area of the US become the most knowledgeable legal scholar in the world regarding the history and practical application of common law?
  • Which current US Presidential candidate has demonstrated by his actions, public statements, and executive orders that he acknowledges what I've written in this article?

Recent US election shenanigans have transfixed many Americans. While our students make heroic efforts to persist with their studies, I know by their comments that some of them are distracted. So to save time, I've created a new "FreedomNetwork" group on RMHI Forums devoted to examining the broader, global perspective on current events. Many people worldwide intuit that events in the US will have an impact on the entire world, for better of or worse, and they are probably right.

TDS (Trump derangement syndrome — "racist-sexist-xenophobic-fascist-Orange-man-bad") triggers its victims into fits of rage, rendering them incapable of evaluating facts and thinking rationally. At the other extreme, many true believers hale DJT as a savior who will fix all their problems without any effort on their part. Sometimes, it helps me to cope by pretending that I'm an extraterrrestrial sent to earth as a neutral observer. In 2008, when I served as Sanders County Montana coordinator for Ron Paul's U.S. presidential campaign, this attitude helped me to juggle the extreme diversity among his supporters, from aging hippies favoring marijuana legalization, to Constitutionalists and militia members insisting that the Federal Reserve and IRS should be abolished, and people promoting freedom in matters of healthcare and medicine.

Paul had represented his Texas district in the House of Representatives for many years and had previously ran several times as a Libertarian candidate for president. I admired and respected Ron Paul for his decades-long crusade to reform the corrupt system of private central banking, crony capitalism, and the military-industrial complex on which the US economy has been based since WWII. After his failure to win the Republican nomination in 2008, due to what many of us believed had been massive election fraud, a small group of us in Sanders County and western Montana decided to form an ongoing study group to debate our options for the future and to study formerly suppressed aspects of American law and history.

Over the next few years, we kept in touch via an email discussion list, and our small group expanded to include RMHI students and graduates from all over the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We now have members from every continent except Antarctica, all committed to promoting freedom and human rights worldwide.

In 2020, several of our members complained that they were not receiving our emails, and after some investigation I concluded that our emails were being censored by several of the more popular free email service providers. Consequently, I recently created the FreedomNetwork group on RMHI Forums, our own private bulletin-board social-media platform that we administer for our students, graduates, and faculty on our own website.

FreedomNetwork represents over a decade of accumulated experiences and the wisdom of our founding members. In a recent discussion thread on FreedomNetwork, I answer the questions about common law posed earlier in this article and include a listing of over 70 obscure Internet resources, journalists, and researchers whom we consider to be at the forefront of the global freedom movement. Topics include:

  • common law, natural rights
  • health freedom
  • exposing corruption, takedown of the Cabal
  • world news (including updates on current USA election fraud/treason)
  • barter networks
  • self-sufficient communities
  • open-source software and engineering
  • voluntarism
  • metaphysics, religion, and spirituality

Here is a sample of the range of topics that are fair game for discussion on FreedomNetwork and on RMHI Forums.

The complete, uncensored discussion thread is accessible only to members of RMHI Forums; register now for a free membership.

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