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— updated 2020-11-22


What's new at RMHI?   (blog)
2020-Nov-22:  Is the era of experts over? — The art of brainstorming

by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.

Copyright ©2020 by RMH-Publications Trust; all rights reserved.

The year 2020, with its multiple global-scale scandals and crises, has forced many of us to confront the possibility that many of the experts and authority figures we had trusted to maintain the orderly running of our technological societies were themselves guilty of criminal fraud, lying for personal financial gain. The COVID scamdemic alone has inflicted economic misery on the world's population and has seriously damaged the credibility of the medical profession.

I have been ranting on the issue of medical and healthcare fraud for decades. The problem is not limited to medicine, but has affected all licensed health professions.

A common thread running throughout my articles is the idea that ordinary people, determined to uncover the truth, have been using the Internet to form alliances with like-minded compatriots worldwide and to transform these alliances into highly effective brainstorming groups.

In a recent conversation, one of my Herbalists' Bootcamp students expressed doubts that he could effectively help people after only 60 hours of training, for he was struggling with the notion that he must become a certified "expert" before he could ethically offer such help to others. The primary goal of Herbalists' Bootcamp is to prepare graduates to perform the most essential task of any healthcare provider: taking a thorough and accurate case history — symptoms, their severity, what aggravates/relieves, what time of day/year, body location, history of onset, etc. It is astonishing to me how many health care professionals spend only a few minutes at this critical task. This is not difficult but simply requires patience and attention to detail.

Ever since the dawn of spoken language, people in indigenous societies have been brainstorming to solve problems of survival. Yet many people in our mechanized, standardized, urbanized, and highly regulated culture have forgotten the art of brainstorming. In a series of articles on RMHI Forums I delve into the following questions:

  • Why is brainstorming a skill that arises naturally and spontaneously among agrarian and nomadic societies?
  • How does modern public education intentionally deprive students of opportunities to brainstorm? Do the established authorities consider brainstorming among the population to be a threat to their power?
  • What are RMHI's 10 guidelines for successful brainstorming? (Why are the major social-media platforms terrible venues for brainstorming? Hint: censorship, political correctness, snarkiness and rude behaviors encouraged.)

The preceding is accessible only to members of RMHI Forums; register now for a free beginner membership. Here is a direct link to the "brainstorming" discussion thread.

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