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— updated 2020-12-24


What's new at RMHI?   (blog)
2020-Nov-16:  Ways to keep in touch and overcome censorship

by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.

Copyright ©2020 by RMH-Publications Trust; all rights reserved.

After Dec 06, we will cease emailing the RMHI Herbalists Review newsletter.
Instead, we've provided multiple ways for you to stay in touch with RMHI, all of which we believe are more reliable and resistant to censorship than conventional email.

The preceding article explains the types of censorship we have experienced and how we have been steadily preparing for many years to meet these challenges. The ancient Chinese proverb "crisis brings opportunity" has certainly applied to our own situation. Two years ago, as the increasing crackdown on free speech began to accelerate on Facebook, Youtube, and other social-media platforms, and even email to some of our students was being disappeared into a digital black hole, I decided to search for electronic bulletin-board software that would allow RMHI to administer its own private forums for our members, students, and graduates.

RMHI Forums has been in operation for two years and now holds several hundred active threads/discussions on topics ranging from clinical case studies, herbal properties, diet theories and therapies, music therapy, current events, world politics, and how current world events are affecting people's lives, health, and sanity.

RMHI is unique among schools of TCM in that we have always insisted on maintaining an environment of freedom of inquiry for all our students and faculty:

We've prepared multiple ways for you to keep in touch with RMHI, all of which are also accessible via links on our homepage. Please choose one or more of them now.

RMHI Forums — start here Register for a free beginner membership and learn more about RMHI's educational programs in Chinese herbology (Herbalists' Bootcamp, RMHInet, and professional certification courses).
Once you join, you can contact us by private-messaging, by email, or by posting questions to other members.
RMHI Forums — FreedomNetwork (aka RMHI Red-Pilling Society) Human rights and world news from a libertarian/conservative perspective.
Register for a free membership.
Follow us We have recently started a public channel on, a censorship-free site. We now regularly update this channel, monthly or more frequently, with links to new articles on our website and observations about current events and health trends.


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