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More information about our courses and options
(catalog of courses)

Our courses appeal to a wide variety of people, from health practitioners wanting to develop new skills to self-motivated individuals seeking methods for maintaining and improving their families' health. In recent years, our students have included an increasing number of home-schooled, self-educated, and independent-minded people who recognize that many of our institutions and corporations have sabotaged our health care system, which is in a state of collapse from entrenched corruption. We provide these people with the educational tools, support, and the confidence to step outside the box of conventional education and thinking.

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The following quick-reference chart should help answer most of your questions
about our programs and courses:
 Courses, activities, and certification options

Additional information


References and resources for RMHI students

  • All of our courses use the HerbalThink-TCM software as the primary reference — comprehensive interactive-learning software that allows you to learn at home at your own pace; includes extensive clinical reference databases. (Anyone may purchase the software — you do not have to enroll as a student.)
  • RMHI Forums — our very own private social-media/bulletin-board system for the various user/student/graduate groups that we sponsor.
  • RMHInet — comprises email discussion lists, private members-only social media, and other miscellaneous tools to facilitate learning and communicating with instructors and with other students.