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— updated 2018-08-14


RMHI admissions/enrollment agreement

Subtopics on this page…

Copyright ©1997-2018 by RMH-Publications Trust; all rights reserved.

To apply for admission to RMHI's professional courses, you must first qualify as 
a member in RMHInet by successfully completing Herbalists' BootCamp.
To apply for admission to Herbalists' BootCamp, just follow the instructions in 
BootCamp Tutorial #1.

For more information, see also:
Getting started; applying for admission; guidelines for Level-1 students

1. Information for applicants for admission

We welcome international health care practitioners and students!

For a bird's-eye view of prerequisites, course requirements, fees, etc. for 
all our course options, see

FAQ answering common questions from prospective students:

For a collection of links to other miscellaneous information about our courses:


2. Terms of enrollment

2.1 - Prerequisites

As of 2016: There are now NO prerequisites, except the requirement of 
successfully completing our 'Herbalists' BootCamp'.

Anatomy, physiology, and misc. biomedical topics are integrated into the 
Level-1 curriculum on a self-study basis, with instructors available to answer 

We have over 15 years of student performance statistics to prove that our 
Herbalists' BootCamp, which includes a self-administered aptitude test, is far 
more predictive of your ability to successfully apply the 
knowledge you will learn than any college degrees or formal academic 
achievement. We have had people of widely varied backgrounds complete our 
courses, from gardeners, homemakers, carpenters, massage therapists, physicians, 
computer programmers... Like some major corporations, we are now 
"college-neutral" and place far more importance on your life 
experiences, ability to solve practical problems, natural pattern-recognition 
abilities, etc.

All applicants, regardless of academic background, must complete our (greatly 
simplified) application for admission — see section [3] below.

2.2 - Tuition payments

    All course fees are to be made payable to "Rocky Mountain Herbalists 
Trust c/o Roger Wicke". For payment options, see

2.3 - Refund policy

Refunds for Level-3 seminars requested prior to due dates will be charged 
a 20% processing fee. No refunds will be given for seminar fees after the 
corresponding due dates. However, if a course registrant gives notice of 
withdrawal from a seminar before the first day of class, the fees paid 
may, at the instructor's option, be credited toward any future course 
taught by the instructor that begins within 18 months after the starting 
date of the course from which the registrant has withdrawn.

All other tuition fees are non-refundable.

2.4 - Course materials, usage limitations

The course software and Self-Study Course are copyrighted and may 
not be copied without the author's permission. The only exceptions to this 
are clinical charts included in the appendices, which course participants 
and software licensees may photocopy or print for their own use only.

2.5 - Conduct

    (1) Course participants should conduct themselves in a manner 
appropriate to ethical and compassionate health professionals at all 
times and they should respect the safety, well-being, and integrity of 
other class members, staff members, and clients.
    (2) Confidentiality of clients' and course participants' health and 
personal information must be maintained.
    (3) All homework, progress reports, and exams submitted must be the 
product of each course participant's own labors and effort.

Additional reasonable regulations may be adopted for the safety and 
well-being of clients, course participants, and staff members, and shall 
be effective upon receipt of notification.

2.6 - Changes in courses, schedules, and fees

Enrollment for each course is independent from each other section; 
registrants may drop out of the program after completing any course section 
for which they have already paid. Likewise, RMHI commits to offering 
courses one level or seminar at a time; due to unforeseen circumstances, 
such as increases in national monetary inflation, lack of enrollment, or 
other crisis, we reserve the right to change published fees, schedules, or 
course offerings for future course sections prior to their respective 
tuition due dates. (We have offered this program since 1992 and thus far 
have been able to adhere to published fees and schedules or to provide 
equivalent options.)