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Useful information resources for herbalists

A directory of mostly online information on herbal sciences, health topics, research and educational resources, distributors of herbal textbooks, sources of wholesale herbs for professional herbalists, etc. RMHI does not necessarily endorse the viewpoints or information presented by the sites and organizations below. However, we have included them because we believe they contain thought-provoking information or useful reference material.
2017-09-16: This directory has not been significantly updated after 2004. You should use this directory to get an idea of the range of topics available on the Internet related to herbs and health, then do an Internet search using any search engine. Some of our favorites (that have a reputation for less censorship):
DuckDuckGo,, startpage

Compiled by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.

Subtopics on this page…

Copyright ©1996-2004 by RMH-Publications Trust; all rights reserved.


Chinese herbology reference sources


General information about herbs and herbology

  • Henriette's Herbal Homepage. Herbal medicine and culinary herbs: one of the oldest and largest herbal information sites on the net.
  • Grieve's Modern Herbal. An indexed reference containing descriptions of 800 herbs.
  • Southwest School of Botanical Medicine (director, Michael Moore). This site contains LOTS of illustrations of medicinal plants, images of which you can view by selecting from a large menu, plus taxonomic checklist of herbs by region of the U.S. Also, complete facsimile versions of several eclectic herbal texts (by Harvey Wickes Felter, M.D., Culbreth, and Finley Ellingwood, M.D.) are available for downloading. The information here is invaluable for wildcrafters in the U.S.
  • Medical Herbalism, A Clinical Newsletter for the Herbal Practitioner. Sample issue, table of contents of past issues.
  • Phytopharmacognosy discussion group and mailing list. A moderated discussion group for professional herbalists. Topics: phytochemistry, botany, natural product chemistry, pharmacology, economic botany, medical herbalism, ethnobotany, pharmacognosy, chemical ecology, and pharmacy.
  • Robyn's Recommended Reading. Links and articles on western herbology.
  • Herb Society (UK). Useful page on herbs for first aid and emergencies.
  • Botanical Medicine Resources on the Web, at the Rosenthal Center Directory of Databases.
  • The Herb, Spice, and Medicinal Plant Digest, published by Lyle Craker at the Univ. of Massaschusetts Cooperative Extension System. Online back issues, emphasis is on medicinal and culinary plant horticulture and commercial processing, although occasional contains articles of interest to the clinical herbalist.
  • Raintree Marketing Homepage. An extensive list of useful plant species indigenous to the Amazon rainforest; lists of plants by species, with clinical functions and indications.
  • "Herbs" listings in Yahoo.
  • Canadian cancer remedies proven by the Ministry of Health of China. Canadian herbal remedies tested by three major hospitals in China under strict supervision of the Ministry of Health of China.
  • Flora of China, produced by Harvard University. A compilation by taxomonic categories of plant species indigenous to China. Useful to botanists, herbalists, and conservationists who are actively studying ways to restore areas of deforested land in China, which will help to preserve the legacy of Chinese herbal traditions.
  • GreyWing's Herbal. Includes definitions of various herbal preparation and administration methods and definitions of herbal actions.
  • Howie Brounstein's Homepage. Interesting information on herbal wildcrafting in the Pacific Northwest and Western herbal information. Useful links to other herbal sites.
  • American Botanical Council, affiliated with the Herb Research Foundation, which sponsors factual investigation and scientific research of beneficial plants worldwide. Offers publications, including the German Commision E monographs, the official German materia medica consisting of over 400 medicinal plants.
  • Herb Research Foundation sponsors research in herbal medicine, publishes journals, and has monographs and computer databases available on medicinal herbs for a fee. Several interesting articles on controversial herbs, such as astragalus, ephedra, and stevia are available for reading online.
  • Richter's Herbs. Includes archives of herbal newsletter, growing tips. Richter's sells herb plants for growing.
  • Indian Meadow Herbals. Herbal facts and lore.
  • Medicinal herb info., links to on-line herbal databases.
  • Lloyd Library and Museum. A major herbalists' resource in Cincinnati, Ohio: over 200,000 reference books in herbal sciences and botany.
  • American Herbalists' Guild.
  • Herb Growers and Marketers Network.
  • PhytoNet provides an information resource for those involved in the development, manufacture, regulation and surveillance of phytomedicines and herbal drugs. Maintained by the Centre for Complementary Health Studies, University of Exeter.

Herbal discussion groups

The following groups are open to the general public:

For professional herbalists only:

  • Chinese Herbal Academy, a discussion group for professional TCM herbalists and students. Also, referral listings for professional members.

Herbal schools and educational programs


Directories of TCM herbalists

Clinical Chinese herbology is practiced by a wide range of health care professionals. The best way to determine a practitioner's qualifications is to ask about his or her specific education. (Not all practitioners who dispense herbs, Chinese or otherwise, have had proper education in TCM herbology.)


Herbal and related databases


Herbology book distributors

  • Redwing Books, 617-738-4664, fax:617-738-4620. 44 Linden St.: Brookline MA 02146 USA. Distributor of an extensive collection of major textbooks in acupuncture, TCM herbology, some Western herbology, and miscellaneous topics including yoga and massage.
  • Eastland Press, 800-453-3278. 1260 Activity Dr., Ste A; Vista CA 92083 USA. A publisher-distributor of a small number of important basic textbooks for Chinese herbalists.
  • Blue Poppy Press, 800-487-9296. 1775 Linden Ave.; Boulder CO 80304 USA. Publisher and distributor of books written and/or edited by Bob Flaws, OMD. Recommended for people who have had basic TCM herbal training, and want more advanced clinical understanding.

Sources of wholesale herb products for professionals

There are many quality herb suppliers, but we've only included those we've had recent personal experience with. We prefer using whole bulk herb products whose identity and quality can be verified easily by inspection, rather than patent herb products in pill or powder form.

  • SpringWind Herbs, Inc., 800-588-4883. 2315 Fourth St.; Berkeley CA 94710. Recommended for beginning TCM herbalists. English-speaking sales representatives. Springwind is more cautious than many Chinese herb distributors about correct labelling of herbs, and they will want to have some proof that you have had proper training before selling to you.
  • GanMay Trading, Inc., 415-822-2648. 1350A Donner Ave.; San Francisco CA 94124 USA. Wholesale Chinese herbs at reasonable prices. Catalogs available in Mandarin PinYin or by Latin pharmaceutical names.
  • Nuherbs Company, 800-233-4307. 3820 Penniman Ave.; Oakland CA 94619. Wholesale Chinese herbs. English-speaking sales representatives.
  • TCM Assistant, an international business and communication network that brings together patients, practitioners, distributors, and manufacturers of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Online database of herbs and formulas.
  • Frontier Cooperative Herbs, 800-669-3275; 3021 78th St.; PO Box 299; Norway IA 52318 USA. A well-stocked and high-quality wholesale source for herbs; mostly Western herbs, but some Chinese herbs are available, as well as miscellaneous health products including essential oils, incense, vegetable oils, and homeopathic preparations.
  • In Canada: Wing Tai Hong Trading Co. Ltd.; 4386 Sheppard Ave. E.; Mandarin Shopping Centre; Scarborough, Ontario M1S-1T8, Canada; ph:416-297-6666, fax:416-297-5016. Retail and wholesale distributor of whole Chinese herbs, patent formulas, and ginseng.
  • Dr. Shen's Herbal Medicine. Herbal products made in the U.S.A.

Herb quality control:

  • Phytax GmbH - Laboratory quality testing of TCM herbs: species identity, chemical profiling, contaminants.

Health sciences, general

Sites covering a wide range of medical and health topics, with an emphasis on online journals and articles.


Medical sciences and information


Current health controversies

The sites in this category present information not often discussed in the mainstream media. You must make up your own mind after carefully weighing the evidence.

  • Gary Null's Natural Living. Exploring the nature and politics of medicine, health, nutrition and the environment.
  • Shirley's Wellness Cafe. Links to articles on current health controversies: vaccinations and side-effects, AIDS, genetically engineered food, herbs and diets for humans and pets.
  • Alternative Health Research. Collection of articles on environmental health issues, up-to-date health controversies, hazardous medical procedures, benefits and risks of new health products.
  • LifeSpirit Center. Articles on health, spirituality, and law.
  • The Genesis of Eden. A fascinating and extensive collection of articles on the metaphysics and science of ecology, the Gaia hypothesis, and impending ecological cataclysm.
  • Orgone Biophysics Research Laboratory. Articles on Orgonomy, Wilhelm Reich, Orgone research, and related subjects.
  • Public Orgonomic Research Exchange. Articles on orgone and Wilhelm Reich.
  • Leading Edge International Research Group. Articles about new paradigms in science, especially regarding alternative health. Presents viewpoints not found in orthodox literature, such as the means by which power groups control and manipulate populations with technology. Especially useful is their vaccinations page, but they also have information on mind control, health effects of electromagnetic fields, and other technical subjects relevant to health and freedom.
  • MindNet Journal Publication Index. An online scientific journal of over 190 articles on mind control, implantable microchips, psychotronic warfare, subliminal programming, electromagnetic pollution and human health, HAARP, remote viewing. Not for the queasy, many of these articles describe potent new technology with potential for either great benefits or heinous abuses. Recommended for readers with a technical bent and a concern for our health and freedom.
  • Hambone's Archives. Links to articles on mind control, non-lethal weapons, and remote viewing.
  • Mind Control. Vicitims of MKUltra and Project Monarch speak out.
  • Sumeria. A collection of resources for exploring alternative ideas in health, science, and spirituality, plus hard-hitting articles on the dangers of corporate fascism.
  • Nexus Magazine. An international bi-monthly alternative news magazine, covering the fields of Health Alternatives, Suppressed Science, Earth's Ancient Past, UFOs and the Unexplained, and Government Cover-Ups.
  • Frontier Science. Online articles. Sample topics: science, consciousness, emerging paradigms in relation to health care.
  • New Atlantean Press, 505-983-1856. PO Box 9638; Santa Fe NM 87504. Publishes and distributes an eclectic collection of alternative health books. Topics include: vaccinations and dangers, history of corruption of the medical system, homeopathy, homeschooling, politics and controversies behind AIDS, environmental health, and more.
  • Informed Parents Vaccination Home Page. Documented evidence of the harmful effects of vaccinations and lack of effectiveness in preventing disease.
  • Stillpoint, by Dave Hart. See "Medicine and conspiracy" link.
  • Cancer therapy
    • The Gerson Institute. Alternative health care for people with cancer.
    • Max Gerson Memorial Cancer Center.
    • The Cancer Chronicles, by Ralph Moss, Ph.D. An independent source of information and evaluation of cancer therapies. Articles on the debate over effectiveness of chemotherapy.
    • Cancer Salves. Information about herbal preparations for cancer, by Ingrid Naiman. Also misc. information on health effects of microwaves.
    • Body alkalinity and cancer prevention.
    • Cancer Guide. Commentaries (both favorable and critical) on several popular cancer remedies and treatment plans, including Gerson Clinic, Burzynski, and Hulda Clark.
    • Information on conventional and alternative approaches, rates of success, reports on current research.
  • AIDS, HIV, etc.
    • Peter Duesberg, who has published the most extensive critique of the "HIV causes AIDS" hypothesis.
    • The Immune System: AIDS, HIV, CFS. Links to numerous articles presenting critical examinations of conventional assumptions about these illnesses, including discussions of the views of Peter Duesberg, Ph.D., a world-renowned virologist who claims that HIV has never been proven to be the cause of AIDS.
    • Is HIV the cause of AIDS? Explores the controversies behind AIDS.
    • Health, Education, AIDS Liaison. Another organization critical of established orthodoxy on HIV and AIDS.
    • AIDS Criticism Resource Guide. "Remember the 'official lies' about the Vietnam War? Nuclear Power? Learn, or be burned once again." Links to other articles and websites.
    • Rethinking AIDS. Alternative hypotheses to HIV as cause.
  • Gulf War Syndrome

Other directories of herbal and health resources

While most homepages contain links to other related sites, the following directories are especially extensive.

  • Holistic Junction. A directory of Internet resources, massage therapy, schools, and alternative healthcare.
  • HealthWWWeb Links. An extensive directory of Internet resources, schools, and health information.
  • PhyNet Specialties: Alternative Medicine. An alphabetical listing of links.
  • Alchemical Medicine Research and Teaching Association. Listings of alternative health educational institutions, organizations, health information, professional journals, and recommended books to read, organized by topic (herbology, acupunture, chiropractic, etc.).
  • Internet Directory for Botany. Links to taxonomic databases, gardening, economic botany, ethnobotany, arboreta and botanical gardens, botanical societies, organizations and museums. Especially useful to clinical herbalists are their ethnobotany and herbal medicine categories.
  • Holistic Healing Web Page. Well-organized information about healthy eating, food categories and their effects on digestion, toxic effects of specific food additives and other chemicals, chemical sensitivity, plus an extensive directory of holistic health education, organizations, and other Internet resources.
  • Henriette's Herbal Homepage. An extensive reference site containing: herbal FAQs, herbal mailing lists, newsgroup archives, herb name database, some shareware herb programs, links to other herb Websites. Primarily oriented toward Western herbalists but some info. on TCM herbology.
  • Health Care Information Resources. Links to educational institutions, medical resources, and alternative health information. (McMaster University)
  • MedWeb. Links to alternative and conventional medical resources, including by specialty, and by Web resource type, such as bibliographies, organizations, consumer health, etc.
  • HerbNet. A directory of resources for the herbalist, including sources for herbs, distributors, herb associations, publications, calendar of events for conferences and courses.
  • HerbNet-University. A listing of several dozen schools offering professional training in herbology, with brief descriptions.
  • Alternative Health Resources. Produced by Raintree, Inc. Links to other herbal resources.
  • Holistic Healing, directories of practitioners worldwide; articles.
  • Self Growth, health resources.
  • An organized directory, with articles, free Newsletters and descriptions of natural health and alternative medicine websites.
  • WWW Virtual Library in Botany. Links maintained by University of Oklahoma.
  • Other Web Resources for Whole Living. Links to other holistic health sites.
  • Internet and Online Resources in Alternative Medicine. A listing maintained by John Bastyr University. Includes Web sites, listservers, and newsgroups.
  • Alternative Medicine Homepage. A listing with brief descriptions of Alternative Medicine Resources, including Internet resources, databases, information from the Office of Alternative Medicine, NIH. Maintained by the Falk Library of Health Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Interesting medical links on the Internet, by Texas Medicine.

General health resources


Business and legal info. for herbalists and alternative health providers

  • Sohnen-Moe Associates. Education in starting and running healing-arts businesses; marketing, teaching, office management, etc.

Current health politics and regulation issues


Philosophy of healing

  • This FAQ page defining the philosophy of a freethinker sums up our philosophy quite nicely. We believe in the principle "What is moral is simply what does not hurt others. Kindness sums up everything." The highest practice of Chinese herbal health care is based upon compassionate, yet careful and rational observation of the human being; it requires an intimate knowledge of oneself, a disciplined trust of one's senses and perceptions, and an ability to think and reason clearly.
  • Mullingstorp Education. A physician from Sweden believes that freedom from superstition and self-destructive behavior patterns, courage and integrity, responsibility, and the will to change are crucial to the healing process.

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