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— updated 2017-03-04

HerbalThink-TCM — Herbalists' Bootcamp
Beginner Tutorial #1:   Download

by Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D.
This tutorial series will help you get started using the HerbalThink-TCM software, ensure it is installed correctly, and demonstrate how to use important features and modules.

Copyright ©2016-2017 by RMH-Publications Trust; all rights reserved. Published by the Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute; c/o PO Box 579; Hot Springs, Montana [59845] USA. Education and software for health professionals:   www.rmhiherbal.org

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#1: Download #2: Setup and Documentation #3: Self-Study Reference #4: TCM Herbal Tutor #5: TCM Pulse Simulator #6: CaseQuery and AutoSage-TCM #7: Completing member/admission requirements

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Tutorial #1:   Download


Questionnaire #1

Note: The HerbalThink-TCM Test option and online/phone tutorials are currently being offered free of charge to qualified individuals. (After downloading, you must complete Tutorial #2 in order to activate the Test option.) People of widely varied backgrounds have successfully completed our courses, including homeschooled inviduals, organic farmers and gardeners, and health professionals; we simply wish to be assured that you intend to use the software responsibly and effectively, whether for personal or professional use.

The information below plus completion of the Beginner Tutorial series serves three separate purposes:

  • providing trial downloads to qualified individuals
  • applying for membership in the V123 brainstorming network
  • applying for admission to RMHI certification courses

Be sure to remain subscribed to our free newsletter for important updates regarding the HerbalThink-TCM software, our curriculum, and admissions requirements.

Copy and paste the following into a text document using any simple text editor (Mac OS X: TextEdit;   Windows: WordPad, Notepad). You will be filling in your answers (between the [ ] marks) and then emailing your completed questionnaire to RMHI.

============ HERBALTHINK-TCM BEGINNER QUESTIONNAIRE #1 ===================

ALTERNATE EMAIL (optional):  [  ]

SHORT-TERM GOALS (write YES after all that are applicable):
    Request free trial of HerbalThink-TCM software  [  ]
    Apply for membership in V123 brainstorming network  [  ]
    Apply for admission to RMHI certification courses  [  ]

    CITY:  [  ]
    NATION:  [  ]

Do you have an existing Basic/Pro license for HerbalThink-TCM?  [  ]
Are you an RMHI graduate or enrolled student?  [  ]
If either of the preceding apply, you can skip the remainder of this 

BACKGROUND (education, profession, life experience):
[  ]

LONG-TERM GOALS (specific goals you hope to achieve by using the software, 
e.g.: personal/family health, preparing to practice as an herbalist, etc.):
[  ]

INTERESTS (specific interests you have regarding human health, well-being, 
culture, and related issues):
[  ]

Referred by (if you were referred to us by another member, RMHI grad, etc.)?
[  ]

=============================== END ======================================

Installation and initial setup

The free trial version (HerbalThink-TCM Test option) will provide access to about 15% of the total course material and will allow you to sample all major software modules and features.

After you download the software package, the Free option will be activated by default. The Free option will only allow you to verify that your software has been correctly installed; however, to access any of the course content, you must obtain activation codes for the Test option by completing the next tutorial.

After you email your completed questionnaire to RMHI, follow the download instructions that will be emailed back to you, then complete the next tutorial in this series.

Applying for V123 membership or admission to an RMHI certification course

  • To be accepted for admission to an RMHI certification course, you must first qualify as an Active Member in the V123 brainstorming network by completing all the tutorials in this Beginner Tutorial series.
  • By applying for V123 membership, you agree to the terms of the V123 Member/User Agreement, including its requirements for each class of membership.

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