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TCM Herbal Tutor Study Advisor, confusing score display

To monitor your progress, always use the  Progress Report  button at the top right of the Study Advisor window to see a more detailed breakdown of your scores by category. See screen shot below. Ignore the numbers displayed in the right column of the Study Advisor window itself (see numbers enclosed by the gray ellipse in screen shot) — these numbers can be confusing, and we recognize that we should never have displayed them to end users, as they may seem to increase/decrease unpredictably with no relation to user performance.

Explanation: As you advance your skills and knowledge, new material is introduced in stages. Whenever new material is introduced into the games, your average or composite score, as displayed on the right side of the Study Advisor panel will suddenly drop. Ignore this. The reason this is happening is because when the new material is introduced, the scores for this new material start near zero and are averaged in with the data items you have already mastered. In designing the software, we now recognize that we should never have displayed this composite score to end users, because it is psychologically discouraging. Instead, focus on the more detailed breakdown of scores that you can examine by selecting the Progress Report button at the upper right of the Study Advisor panel; all these detailed scores should very gradually and continually increase if you study and play the games regularly and are making steady progress.