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— updated 2012-02-25

HerbalThink-TCM User Group Archive

Bug reports, workarounds, etc. All entries to this forum prior to 2011-10-10 have been incorporated into the updated online HerbalThink-TCM Help manual, which we periodically update with this information.

Update 2011-12-26:   HerbalThink-TCM version was publicly released on 2011-10-20, and to date there have been no significant new bugs detected, other than the ones already documented for the TCM Herbal Tutor module (see HerbalThink-TCM HelpTCM Herbal Tutor,  Minor bugs, problems, and workarounds ), which is scheduled to be updated over the next two years. Thus far, all new problems reported by users have been due to not following installation instructions carefully. Not following the instructions below are common reasons why users report problems; please check that you have:

  • Installed a recent version of Oracle-authorized Java on your computer; if Java is missing or if you are using an outdated version, HerbalThink-TCM may fail to launch at all.
  • Installed HerbalThink-TCM in the correct location.
  • Properly decompressed the original ZIP archive and are not attempting to access the HerbalThink-TCM application from within the original ZIP archive file (which is possible on Windows).
  • Read any warning messages that appear on launching HerbalThink-TCM. For details of warnings:
    • Choose  About HerbalThinkTCM  from the main menu.
    • Select the  About this computer  tab.
    • The "Warnings" section at the top of the text window should normally say "None"; otherwise, any detected problems will be listed and explained.


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