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— updated 2018-04-19

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By email

Admissions, general inquiries Getting started using the HerbalThink-TCM software; questions about applying for admission, RMHI's curriculum.
Contact a specific staff member.
Request to participate in special software beta-testing.
Subscribe/ Download A free subscription to our email newsletter, RMHI Herbalist Review (see archives of past issues), is required before you may request a free trial download of the HerbalThink-TCM software. Your subscription's "welcome" email will include further instructions.
Orders Order a software license; upgrade from an older version.
Activate license Request activation codes for activating a purchased software license.
Subscribe to HerbalThink-TCM User Group All HerbalThink-TCM users, including users of the Free version, are welcome to become members of this email discussion group. Receive help from other members in installing and using the software. (Archives — important group comments.)
Tech support Request help installing or using an RMHI software product — paid licensees only (Basic, Pro, etc.); if you are using the Free or Test version-options, please subscribe to HerbalThink-TCM User Group and post your question there.

We respect the privacy of all inquiries and subscriptions.

Have you seen our online course catalog? You may download or print out pages for your own reference.

By postal mail or by phone

(For software Tech Support, please email us first using the Tech Support contact form above; if the issue cannot be resolved by email, we may then arrange a phone consultation, if necessary.)
  • Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute

        (Rocky Mountain Herbalists Trust)

    attn: Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D., Director

    c/o PO Box 579

    Hot Springs, Montana 59845


  • Telephone   +1 406 741-3811