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— updated 2013-09-01

Register your software license / Notify us of address change

  • Registering your software license (paid licenses only — Basic, Pro, etc.) qualifies you for technical support. Be sure to let us know if your contact information changes.
  • It is important that you provide us with several means of contacting you (email address or multiple email addresses, postal address, and/or phone number) to provide technical support and special customer advisory notices. Please use the form below to let us know if any of your contact information changes after your initial purchase.
Please enter all *items — required.
*Registered Licensee name
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*email      example:   johndoe@xyz.net
Alternate email
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*State/Province + PostalCode
Phone number(s)
*Which software are you registering?
*License number    From your original emailed invoice    OR: enter the "Transaction ID" of your Kagi.com email receipt    OR: for software sold before 2011-10, enter serial number on CD case

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