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— updated 2017-09-18

Contact us — software orders

  • Use this form to inquire about software orders. We will reply with details of how to complete the order using secure online payment services or by other payment options of your choice.
  • Please note that you may download our HerbalThink-TCM software and try it out to ensure that it meets your needs before you purchase a license. Before you order your license, we will be happy to help you verify that you have installed your HerbalThink-TCM software correctly and to demonstrate how a 'Test' activation works. Once a license has been purchased and successfully activated, it is not refundable.
Please enter all *items — required.
*Your name
*email      example:   johndoe@xyz.net
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*Software options:
  • I would like to order a single-user license (perpetual — one-time fee) for the following HerbalThink-TCM software option:
    • HerbalThink-TCM v4.0-Pro — $1295
    • HerbalThink-TCM v4.0-Basic — $695
  • I have a previous version and would like to upgrade:
    • Upgrade to HerbalThink-TCM v4.0-Pro from 4.0-Basic — $725.
    • Upgrade to HerbalThink-TCM v4.0-Pro from 2.x/3.x-Pro — $795.
    • Upgrade to HerbalThink-TCM v4.0-Pro from 2.x/3.x-Basic — $1150.
    • Upgrade to HerbalThink-TCM v4.0-Basic from 2.x/3.x-Basic — $450.
  • If you wish to order a site license or multiple licenses (special discounts may apply), to request special shipping options (such as CD-ROM backup copies), etc., please explain below.
*Operating system:
   Mac OS X  Windows  Linux
Software ID (if you have already installed the software — see  Activate License…  command)
*Postal mailing address (line 1)
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*City + State/Province + PostalCode
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*Payment option:
Indicate your preferred payment option, and we will email you further instructions.
  • PayPal
  • personal check or domestic money order (U.S. orders only)
  • international money order or certified bank draft

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